Famous Personalities - C. Rajagopalachari (1879-1972)

1. A leading freedom fighter and a shrewd political leader.
2. He joined the national movement in 1919 and concentrated on social reforms.
3. He was one of the staunch supporters of entry of Harijan's into the temples.
4. He worked as chief minister of Madras Presidency from 1937-1939.
5. He was the Governor of West Bengal in 1947-1948.
6. He was the first and the last Indian Governor General (second Governor-General of free India) Lord Mountbatten being the first.
7. He was opposed to the introduction of Hindi language in South India.
8. He started a new political party, Swatantra Party.
9. A good scholar and writer in English and Tamil, he translated Ramayana and Mahabharata into English and Tamil.

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