Kerala PSC - Sri Moolam Thirunal (1885-1924)

  • A new Department of Agriculture was organised in 1908. The agriculturist were given loans under the Agricultural Loans Regulations.

  • The work on the Kothayar Project in Nanjanad was started in 1895.

  • An Economic Development Board was set up to co-ordinate the activities of different department.

  • The reign of Sri Moolam Thirunal witnessed giant strides in the field of education.

  • The principle of free primary education was recognised.

  • A Director of Public Instruction was appointed to co-ordinate all educational activities.

  • An Education code was introduced.

  • The education of the backward classes was given special attention. Government schools were thrown open to the boys and girls of the so called untouchable communities.

  • Technical schools were also opened.

  • A Sanskrit college, an Ayurveda college, a Second Grade College for Women and a Law College were opened at Trivandrum.

  • An Archaeology Department was also formed.

  • Introduction of a system of grant-in-aid to Vaidyasalas helped to encourage Ayurvedic system of medical treatment.

  • Most significant reform of Sri Moolam Thirunal was the formation of the Legislative Council in 1888. The Council so set up was perhaps the first institution of its kind in an Indian State consisted of 8 members.

  • In 1904 Sri Moolam Popular Assembly (Praja Sabha) consisting of members chosen by the Government of represent taluks.

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