Famous Personalities - Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920)

1. A great nationalist leader and an outstanding scholar of Sanskrit.
2. He was the leader of the extremist wing of the Congress and tried to built a militant mass movement through his, programme of swadeshi national education etc.
3. He played an effective role during the anti partition movement of Bengal 1905-1908 as eell as Home Rule Movement in 1916.
4. Thilak started two newspapers The Maratha in English and the Kesari in Marathi.
5. He started Sivaji festival and a Ganapathi festival to stimulate nationalism.
6. He went to jail a number of times.
7. While in jail he wrote a commentary on Gita Rahasya.
8. Thilak asserted Swaraj in My Birth Right I shall have it.
9. Thilak revived Shivaji festivals to awaken the masses.

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