Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 11

1. The faster you run, ______ you get tired (soon, the sooner, sooner) ?

2. While in London he _____ at a five star hotel (put by, put up, put in) ?

3. A group of men ______ standing near the house (is, are, am) ?

4. If I had a computer, I ______ it myself (Typed, would type, would have typed) ?

5. We seldom see them now a day, ---------? (Do we, don't we, can't we) ?

6.Invest your money carefully lest you _____ (will regret later, Can regret later, Should regret later) ?

7. He is being accused ____ theft (For, of, with) ?

8.Synonym of “Nadir” (Difficult, Lowest point, Peak point) ?

9. If you _______to your Mother's advice, this problem would not have arisen (Listened, Had listened, Have been listened)?

10. We ____ meet you at five o'clock (will, would, will have) ?

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