• He was weak and incompetent. He was assisted by three ministers - Jayanthan Sankaran Nampoothiri, Sankaranarayana Chetty and Mathu Tharakan. The inglorious partnership of these ministers has been described as triumvirate of  "ignorance, profligacy and rapacity."

  • Velu Tampi was the 'Karyakar' of Thalakulam. He promptly organised a popular revolt against the King's ministers.

  • At last Raja was compelled to dismiss his ministers.

  • Chempakaraman Pillai and Veluthampi were appointed as 'Valiya Sarvadhi Karyakar' (Dalwa) and the 'Mulaku Matissila Karyakar' (Commerce Minister) respectively.

  • In 1800 Velu Thampi himself proclaimed as Dalawa with the approval of Resident Macaulay.

  • Ummini Thampi who replaced Velu Thampi as Dalawa and introduced some far reaching reforms. The Huzur Cutchery was constructed at Quilon by him.

  • A system of  'water and war' (kaval) was introduced and jails were established in every district.

  • He established four courts - Insuafs catcheries-for the dispensation of justice, each court consisting of a nair judge and necessary staff.

  • He was dismissed in 1810 by Ram Gouri Lekshmi Bai.

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