Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 24 Jun 2016
Daily Current Affairs Quiz 24th Jun 2016, Current affairs and GK questions on National and International are listed in the Quiz. Candidates those who are preparing for Government Jobs and IBPS/SBI/RRB exams and all other exams can use these questions.

1. Which gas to be used in two wheelers on Pilot basis that is launched by the Union government in New Delhi?
[a]  Liquified Petroleum Gas
[b] Compressed Natural Gas
[c] Oxy Hydrogen Gas
[d] Helium Gas

2. For which route Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu inaugurated new train service called Janhit express in order to connect every region of country?
[a]  Habibwala to Balawali
[b] Sabaur to Bachwara
[c] Edavai to Chirayinkil
[d] Danapur to Saharsa

3. For what purpose MoU was signed between the Rural Development Ministry and ISRO created a system under MGNREGA in each gram panchayat?
[a]  disaster management support
[b] global positioning of location
[c] geo-tagging of assets
[d] remote sensing technology

4. Which state is recommended by the Union government planning to build a hydrocarbon hub to meet requirements of neighbouring and other other Southeast Asian countries by 2030?
[a]  Assam
[b] Bihar
[c] Chandigarh
[d] Telengana

5. What is the name of agreement signed between Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Jinan in China that allows for exchange of ideas and technology in the fields of education and sports ?
[a]  Sister city
[b] Brother city
[c] Grey city
[d] White city

6. Which amended rule has decided by the Union Government to end the improbability over the General Anti Avoidance rules as it is expected to start with effective from 01.04.16?
[a]  Import Tax
[b] Road Tax
[c] Salex Tax
[d] Income Tax

7. Which document aims at building best of class payment and settlement systems for a Cash –Less India and ensuring access of mobile banking services to even basic phone users?
[a]  Innovation-2018
[b] Innovation-2017
[c] Vision-2017
[d] Vision-2018

8. Which company becomes first startup to avail benefits under Start-up India Action Plan offered by the government after it met the required criteria of being an innovative business located in Hyderabad?
[a]  Sahaj Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd
[b] Sujana Energy Limited
[c] AD Energy
[d] Cygni Energy

9. Who is received the Prestigious G.D.  Birla Award for Scientific Research for 2015 from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT in Kanpur?
[a]  Sanjay Mittal
[b] Vinod Khosla
[c] Ajit Gupta
[d] Gunjan Sinha

10. Who is appointed by the BCCI appointed former Spinner as the new Head Coach of Indian Cricket Team recently?
[a]  Ajit Agarkar
[b] Ramesh Powar
[c] Anil Kumble
[d] Sunil Joshi

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