Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 07 Jul 2016
Daily Current Affairs Quiz 07th Jun 2016, Current affairs and GK questions on National and International are listed in the Quiz. Candidates those who are preparing for Government Jobs and IBPS/SBI/RRB exams and all other exams can use these questions.

1.  The Union Finance Ministry has constituted four members committee to examine the feasibility and desirability of having a new financial year.The committee will be headed by
[a] Shankar Acharya
[b] Padmanabha Acharya
[c] Mithelesh Acharya
[d] Mukthesh Acharya
[e] Somanadh Acharya

2.  Under the Centre’s ‘Ujala Scheme’, the Goa government will distribute 15 lakh free LED bulbs to consumers. How much amount does the state government has procured for the implementation?
[a] Rs.10 Crore
[b] Rs.11 Crore
[c] Rs.12 Crore
[d] Rs.13 Crore
[e] Rs.14 Crore

3.  Union Government launched National Green Highways Mission, for plantation drive on 1500 km of National Highways. What is the estimated cost for the project by the government?
[a] 750 crore rupees
[b] 650crore rupees
[c] 550crore rupees
[d] 450crore rupees
[e] 300crore rupees

4.  Under NamamiGange Programme how many project were implement all over the?
[a] 219
[b] 198
[c] 231
[d] 220
[e] 252

5.  Which city of India to get world's largest camera museum?
[a] Gurgaon
[b] Noida
[c] Pune
[d] New Delhi
[e] Bangalore

6.  Name the Global Ratings agency that has cut Australia’s credit rating outlook to negative from stable.
[a] Rapid Ratings International
[b] The Economist Intelligence Unit
[c] Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency
[d] Standard and Poor’s
[e] Credit Rating Information and Services Ltd.

7.  Where did the Liberty Park on 29 June 2016?
[a] World Trade Organisation, Geneva
[b] International Finance Corporation, Washington D. C
[c] World Trade Center, New York
[d] World Economic Forum, Cologny
[e] None of these

8.  Deepak Singhal appointed as the Chief Secretary of
[a] Andhra Pradesh
[b] Arunachal Pradesh
[c] Madhya Pradesh
[d] Himachal Pradesh
[e] Uttar Pradesh

9.  Who among the following was appointed as the CEO of Zee Learn?
[a] Debshankar Mukhopadhyay
[b] Goutam Mukhopadhyay
[c] Mohantesh Mukhopadhyay
[d] Virupesh Mukhopadhyay
[e] Durmukh Mukhopadhyay

10.  R ThiruppathiVenkatasamy appointed as Accountant General of
[a] Telangana
[b] Odisha
[c] Karnataka
[d] Tamil Nadu
[e] Kerala

11.  Name the social media banking platform that as launched by The State Bank of India (SBI) for Facebook and Twitter users.
[a] SBI Jingle
[b] SBI Mingle
[c] SBI Ever
[d] SBI Twinkle

12.  Name the Assam girl who breaks 50-year-old DU recordby scoring 91.8% in the recently declared MA results?
[a] Shusmita Neog
[b] Shusmita Mukesh
[c] Shusmita Bhargav
[d] Shusmita Verma
[e] Shusmita Kolla

13.  India was placed at ______ position in the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) 2016.
[a] 87
[b] 89
[c] 91
[d] 93
[e] 95

14.  Avast acquires antivirus maker AVG for ____ USD.
[a] 1.3 million
[b] 1.3 trillion
[c] 1.3 billion
[d] 1.3 Quadrillion
[e] None of these

15.  Which country tops air passenger growth globally in 2015?
[a] China
[b] India
[c] USA
[d] Indonesia
[e] Brazil

16.  Himalayan Odyssey is an annual event conducted by which motor cycle company?
[a] Kawasaki
[b] Yamaha
[c] Harley Davidson
[d] Royal Enfield
[e] Piaggio

17.  Which company has acquired image recognition startup Moodstocks?
[a] Google
[b] Youtube
[c] Facebook
[d] Twitter
[e] Instagram

18.  Federer sets record for most wins in Grand Slam after winning against whom in the Wimbledon quarter-final?
[a] J Tsonga
[b] T. Berdych
[c] M Raonic
[d] Marin Cilic
[e] L Pouille

19.  DipaKarmakar is related to which field?
[a] Table Tennis
[b] Gymnastics
[c] Volley Ball
[d] Swimming
[e] Hockey

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