Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 04 Jul 2016
Daily Current Affairs Quiz 04th Jun 2016, Current affairs and GK questions on National and International are listed in the Quiz. Candidates those who are preparing for Government Jobs and IBPS/SBI/RRB exams and all other exams can use these questions.

1. Which Indian state signed MoU with China Fortune Land Development (CFL[D] Company to develop a new industrial township in the state at an expense of 5 billion dollar?
[a] Punjab
[b] Jammu and Kashmir
[c] Haryana
[d] Madhya Pradesh
[e] Himachal Pradesh

2.  Recently, which of the following Indian States banned electronic cigarette?
[a] Andhra Pradesh
[b] Karnataka
[c] Tamil Nadu
[d] Telangana
[e] Kerala

3.  BRICS Working Group Meeting on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency begins in
[a] Chennai
[b] Mumbai
[c] Trivandrum
[d] Vishakhapatnam
[e] Guwahati

4. India's first Integrated Defence Communication Network (DCN) was launched. The network has been designed and developed by which IT firm?
[a] TCS
[b] HCL Technologies
[c] Infosys
[d] iGate
[e] None of these

5. Name the fourth in the series of Follow-on Water Jet Fast Attack Craft (FO-WJFA[C] launched by Indian Navy.
[a]  INS Tarmugli
[b] INS Tillanchang
[c] INS Tihayu    
[d] INS Tarasa    
[e] None of these

6. “Exercise RIMPAC 2016” the multilateral naval exercise has started in which country?
[a] Canada
[b] Mexico
[c] USA
[d] Brazil
[e] Argentina

7. Which city has banned cars that were registered before October 1997 from its streets during weekdays (Mondays to Friday), starting July 1.
[a] Chicago
[b] Paris
[c] Brussels
[d] Vienna
[e] New York

8. France has offered to invest how much amount to revive India’s combat jet engine project, proposing a joint development plan that could see the stalled ‘Kaveri’ gas turbine powering indigenous Tejas fighters by 2020?
[a] 1 billion Rupees
[b] 1 billion dollar
[c] 1 billion Euro
[d] 1 billion Peso
[e] 1  billion Pounds

9. How many Indian amusement parks have been listed among Asia's top 25 by Tripadvisor?
[a] 3
[b] 4
[c] 5
[d] 6
[e] 7

10. Alibaba launched 'IP Joint-Force System', an online system to track and remove fake products from its shopping platform. This is the IT firm of which among the following countries?
[a] China
[b] Russia
[c] Dubai
[d] Italy
[e] None of these

11. In order to hunt for extraterrestrial life and explore space, China has built the world's largest radio telescope, named
[a] CAST
[b] TAST
[c] FAST
[d] DAST
[e] ZAST

12. Who won the Austrian Grand Prix?
[a] Lewis Hamilton
[b] Nico Rosberg
[c] Sebastian Vettel VET
[d] Kimi Räikkönen RAI
[e] None of these

13. Name the Oscar-winning director of ‘The Deer Hunter’ who died at 77 recently.
[a] Michael Cimino
[b] Michel Hazanavicius
[c] Tom McCarthy
[d] Elie Wiesel
[e] None of these

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