Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 01 Jul 2016
Daily Current Affairs Quiz 1st Jul 2016, Current affairs and GK questions on National and International are listed in the Quiz. Candidates those who are preparing for Government Jobs and IBPS/SBI/RRB exams and all other exams can use these questions.

1.  July 1st is observed as Doctor's Day in India to honour the legendary physician
[a]  Deepak Chopra
[b]  A. K. Patel
[c] A. G. K Gokhale
[d] Bidhan Chandra Roy
[e] None of these

2.  Which state government has decided to ban the production, sale, and advertisement of e-cigarettes in the view of studies claiming that its use can cause health issues like cancer and heart ailments?
[a]  Karnataka
[b]  Tamil Nadu
[c] Kerala
[d] Andhra Pradesh
[e] Telangana

3.  Who among the following has launched a teacher education portal, 'Prashikshak', which aims at bringing quality teachers to Indian schools?
[a]  Rajnath Singh
[b]  Smriti Irani
[c] Narendra Modi
[d] Sushma Swaraj
[e] None of these

4.  To which country’s Women, U.S. Embassy launched a Scholarship program to help advance educational opportunities?
[a]  Afghanistan
[b]  Pakistan
[c] Nepal
[d] Bangladesh
[e] Bhutan

5.  Name the Tripura Governor who was given additional charge of Arunachal Pradesh during JP Rajkhowa’s absence on leave.
[a]  Vajubhai Vala
[b]  Tathagata Roy
[c] V Shanmuganathan
[d] Kesrinath Tripathi
[e] None of these

6.  Name the author of the million-selling “Future Shock” who had died at 87.
[a]  K G Subramanyan
[b]  Naveen Kishore
[c] Isak Chishi Swu
[d] Alvin Toffler
[e] None of these

7.  National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has received environment clearance for updgrading the 146-km long carriageway of Kanpur (Chakeri) to Allahabad section of NH-2 in Uttar Pradesh at a cost of _________ crore rupees.
[a]  Rs.1246cr
[b]  Rs.1186cr
[c] Rs.1527cr
[d] Rs.1384cr
[e] Rs.1026cr

8.  PM Sets how many days Deadline for officials on Grievance Redressal at the meeting of PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation.
[a]  15 days
[b]  14 days
[c] 7 days
[d] 10 days
[e] 21 days

9.  The Monsoon Session of Parliament is going to start from
[a]  July 15th
[b]  July 18th
[c] July 10th
[d] July 20th
[e] July 21st

10.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the extension of embargo on food imports from the EU and some other countries until ______.
[a]  December 31, 2016
[b]  December 31, 2017
[c] December 31, 2018
[d] December 31, 2019
[e] December 30, 2017

11.  The Reserve Bank of India said pre-2005 banknotes can now be exchanged only at select RBI offices (and not banks) from
[a]  July 3rd
[b]  July 2nd
[c] July 1st
[d] June 30th
[e] June 29th

12.  The World Bank said it will lend over ______ billion dollar to India for its solar energy projects.
[a]  $0.5 billion
[b]  $0.7 billion
[c] $0.9 billion
[d] $1 billion
[e] $1.5 billion

13.  The Romance of Indian Coffee’ has been chosen as the world’s best book on coffee at The Gourmand World Awards function at Yantai in China. Who is the author of the book?
[a]  P T Bopanna
[b]  R T Chandra Shekar
[c] V S Sharma
[d] K L Kumar
[e] None of these

14.  Cricket will be a part of the 2024 Olympics if ___ gets to host the tournament announced by Italian Cricket Board President.
[a]  Venice
[b]  Milan
[c] Verona
[d] Rome
[e] None of these

15.  Sameer Mon Emerges Fastest Athlete of Nat'l Inter-State Athletics. He belongs to
[a]  Hyderabad
[b]  Bangalore
[c] Mumbai
[d] Vijayawada
[e] New Delhi

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