Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 57

1. Water gas is a mixture of

2. The first Indian to get Nobel prize, Magsaysay Award and Bharath Ratna

3. The United Nations University is in

4. Pochampad project is which river

5. The first south Indian to get Bharat Ratna Posthumously

6. The first Malayalam Newspaper that was banned

7. The Award know as the Nobel prize of Israel

8. A book of Monotheists is written by

9. India's First women's University SNDT University founded by

10. The book Passion India written by

11. The colour of Halogen lamps filled with xenon

12. What is often called Baby Taj

13. Chitharal Hills are in the state of

14. Vasthu Vidhya Gurukulam located in

15. Baghlihar power project in which state

16. John Doe means

17. Motto of Red Cross

18. Name the first panchayat in Kerala to declare a water policy

19. The Judge speaks is the book written by

20. Who is known as Father of Malayalam Journalism

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