Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 06

1. Which University has its seat at Kalady?

2. In which palace mural paintings based on Kumarasambhava of Kalidasa can be seen?

3. The port in Kerala associated with Indo-Norwegian project?

4. Which district in Kerala has the largest number of National Parks?

5. The first Mininster in the History of Kerala who lost in a by election?

6. Muthirappuzha is a tributary of

7. The leader of Payyannur Salt Sathyagraha

8. Who was known as the "Prince of Neyyattinkara"

9. The pioneer of Vanchippattu

10. Kerala Varma Valiyakoi Thampuran was popularly known as?

11. The first Chief Information Commissioner in Kerala?

12. Ayyankali Urban Employment programme started in

13. The Kerala High Court was formed in______?

14. The city where the first radio station was established in Kerala?

15. The first malayali to become the deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha?

16. Resul Pookutty the first person from Kerala who won the Oscar award in the field of ______?

17. The first Thermal Power Plant in Kerala is situated at ?

18. The first Techno park in Kerala is situated at ?

19. Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited is situated at ?

20. In which date the First Ministry of Kerala came into power?

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