Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 14 Apr 2016
Daily Current Affairs Quiz 14th April 2016, Current affairs and GK questions on National and International are listed in the Quiz. Candidates those who are preparing for Government Jobs and IBPS/SBI/RRB exams and all other exams can use these questions.

1. National Fire Service Day is observed on ________.

[a] April 15th
[b] April 14th
[c] May 15th
[d] May 14th
[e] None of the above

2. Which state Assembly unanimously approved the Prohibition of Social Boycott Bill?

[a] Gujarat
[b] Kerala
[c] Telangana
[d] Maharashtra
[e] Himachal Pradesh

3. India and ___________ signed a MoU for cooperation and mutual assistance in development of ports.

[a] North Korea
[b] South Korea
[c] Sri Lanka
[d] Oman
[e] Singapore

4. Which Country was the world's largest remittance recipient in 2015 said by World Bank?

[a] India
[b] Russia
[c] Japan
[d] Germany
[e] China

5. RBI decided to cut the minimum maturity period of masala bonds to ________.

[a] 1 year
[b] 2 years
[c] 3 years
[d] 4 years
[e] 7 years

6. Australia batsman Dean Jones has appointed as chief coach of the _________ cricket team.

[a] Pakistan
[b] Bangladesh
[c] Zimbabwe
[d] West Indies
[e] UAE

7. Prime Minister NarendraModi released two commemorative coins on the eve of 125th birth anniversary of Dr.BabasahebBhimraoAmbedkar. The denominations of the coins were

[a] Ten-rupee and One hundred and twenty-five rupee
[b] Ten-rupee and Hundred rupee coins
[c] Ten-rupee and One hundred and fifty rupee
[d] Ten-rupee and Fifty rupee
[e] None of the above

8. Indiasigned a MoU with which among the following countries in the field of Fisheries.

[a] Pakistan
[b] Bhutan
[c] Bangladesh
[d] Malaysia
[e] Sri Lanka

9. According to the report compiled Electronics major by Huawei, India placed at the ____ position among 50 different countries in a Global Connectivity Index (GCI).

[a] 32nd
[b] 44th
[c] 38th
[d] 42nd
[e] 29th

10. South Pacific island nation ____ has become the 189th member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

[a] Nauru
[b] Majuro
[c] Bikini
[d] Bagao
[e] Tiga Island

11. Which Indian bank is introducing a wafer thin SIM sleeve enabled payments solutions for the feature phone?

[a] Axis Bank
[b] HDFC Bank
[c] Yes Bank
[d] ICICI Bank
[e] None of the above

12. Leading Chip maker AMD ties up with ______ to enter Indian electronics sector for chip manufacturing.

[a] HSMC
[b] TSMC
[c] UMC
[d] Micron
[e] None of the above

13. Airports Authority of India asks ________ to pay Rs 15 crore of duesup by more than its bank guarantee amount of over Rs 30 crore.

[a] Air India Express
[b] GoAir
[c] IndiGo
[d] Spice Jet
[e] TajAir

14. _______ has become the world's fastest convertible car after reaching a top speed of 265.6 mph.

[a] Hennessey Venom GT
[b] Bugatti Chiron
[c] Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
[d] SSC Ultimate Aero
[e] None of the above

15. Who has been appointed as the liaison officer for Jammu and Kashmir?

[a] Nripendra Mishra
[b] S. Jayashankar
[c] Ajit Dobhal
[d] Ratan Wattal
[e] None of the above

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