Kerala PSC - Trick to mentally calculate cube roots in Seconds

In this post you will Learn how to mentally calculate cube roots. By learning this simple system you will be able to instantly calculate the cube root of the a number and please keep in mind that this method will not work with cubes of numbers greater than 99. Also this method only works when the cube root is a natural number (integer).

Step 1: Learn the Cubes of 0 to 9

To master the system you must learn by heart the cubes of numbers 0 to 9, which are shown in the table below. You also need to consider the last digit of each cube.

NumberCubeLast digit
0 00
1 11
2 88
3 277
4 644
5 1255
6 2166
7 3433
8 5122
Note : how the last digit of the cubes for 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, and 9 end with the original number.
Note : how the last digits for the cubes of 2 and 8 are swapped.
Note : how the last digits for the cubes of 3 and 7 are swapped.

Step 2: Determine the Cube Root

Ignore the last three digits of the number called out by the spectator and choose the memorized cube which is just lower (or equal) to the remaining number. The cube root of this is the first digit of your answer.

Now consider the last digit of the number called out by the spectator. This will indicate the last digit of your answer. For example, if the last digit of the number called out is 3, then the last digit of the cube root is 7 (see the last digit values in the table above).
NumberIgnore Last 3 Lower CubeFirst DigitLast DigitCube Root
17281 11212
5065350 273737
117649117 644949
148877148 1255353
216000216 2166060
357911357 3437171
636056636 5128686

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice ! 

Before going for exams, you should practice until you can calculate the cube root instantly and without error. If you can't do this, then practice some more! To practice and assess your ability, you can use the test below.