Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 23

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 23
Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers, Expected Question for PSC Exams, Repeated Questions, Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 23

1. Where in India is the private, planned city Lavasa is built in the model of the Italian Town Portofino?

2. Which leading nationalized bank was founded by Maharaja Sir Sayajirao Gaekwas III in 1908?

3. A Scheduled bank is a bank which is listed in the _____ Schedule of the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934?

4. In which year was the Regional Rural Banks established for the first time?

5. Which Indian Bank introduced the Pigmy Deposit Scheme?

6. Which Indian satellite is also known as 'Third World Satellite (TWSat)?

7. What is the present name of the Saudi Arabian Satellite Arabsat-IC, purchased by ISRO in 1997?

8. Which is the oldest surviving film production studio in India?

9. Which tribal group of the north-eastern India claim the descent from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel?

10. The terms of 'Approach, plant & take-off, swing up & fly-away are associated with which track & fields item?

11. Which scheme of the Indian government launched on 21 January 2015 aims at bringing together urban planning, economic growth & heritage conservation?

12. Which South Indian city is also known in the names of 'Ekasila Nagaram & Orugallu'?

13. The Sri Ram Sagar irrigation project is built across which river?

14. Which Indian Princely state was the only supplier of diamonds for the global market in the 19th century?

15. Which country's military is known as 'the Hellenic Army'?

16. The American initiative to aid Western Europe in economic support to help rebuild the economics after the Second World War is known as?

17. The National football team of which country is commonly referred to as 'La Roja (The Red One)'?

18. Which river is known as 'the Black Dragon River' in China?

19. The North Eastern parts of which country is historically known as 'the Manchuria'?

20. Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with 'Gram Sabha'?

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