Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 16
Kerala Public Service Commission Recruitment of Beat Forest Officer vacancies in 2016 under Forest Department. for Male/Female candidates who are waiting for Forest Officer latest recruitment in Kerala PSC (KPSC). Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016.

1. The presence of which metal gives color to the red soil?

2. Which type of soil is developed in areas with high temperature & high rainfall?

3. Which mountain ranges of India run parallel to the Bay of Bengal?

4. Which mountain ranges are parallel to the Arabian Sea?

5. In which Indian river is the islands of Sivasamudram and Srirangam are situated?

6. In which Indian state is the mountain ranges of Vindhya and Satpura are situated?

7. Who publishes the topographic maps of India?

8. Which country is known as 'Junior America'?

9. Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

10. Which countries are separated by the Medicine Line?

11. In which mountain range is the peak Godwin Austin situated?

12. What is the usual shape of the deltas?

13. The days when the Sun Shines vertically on the equator is called _____?

14. Which is the biggest circle drawn on the globe?

15. The Ozone Belt is situated at levels between ____ Kms. above atmosphere?

16. In which ocean is the notorious Ring of Fire situated?

17. What does a Beaufort Scale measure?

18. Monsoon winds are the example for ____ type of winds?

19. Which Kind of wind is Roaring forties, Furious Fifties and Shrieking Sixties?

20. Which type of clouds are implicated in the formation of ozone holes?