Kerala PSC Expected and Repeated Questions - 04

Kerala PSC Expected and Repeated Questions - 04
Dear Kerala PSC Aspirants, Below are Expected and Repeated Questions - 04 asked frequently in Kerala PSC Exams, by which you can get a fair idea about type of Questions which are asked and It hope this will help you in your upcoming Exams. Best of Luck

1. What is the Gandhi of Shekhawati.

2. Liltans backing of the composer.

3. What song is used in the description of the camel adornments.

4. Called Khajuraho of Rajasthan.

5. What is the state dance of Rajasthan.

6. Who handed over his resignation to the President.

7.Who is the ex officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

8. Currently there are many fundamental rights to the citizens of India.

9. Where is the world's largest railway junction.

10. Karma and the Seventeenth Karmapa, head of Buddhist sect who Kgu.

11. Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd released recently by India, which ranks countries on the list Brshtr.

12. India has so far played in the World Cup semi-final.

13. Where in Rajasthan Tiger Conservation Training Center is proposed to be made.

14. Which author has written a controversial book on Mahatma Gandhi.

15. Which hotel in tourism in Rajasthan was given to five star hotels.

16. When was the integration of Rajasthan.

17. Rajasthan, India's first home minister, who inaugurated.

18. Where is the Rajasthan Atomic Power Station.

19. How many nuclear power plants in India.

20. Which Indian writer Pushkin award is Russia?

21. To commemorate 125 years of the Congress which was the publication of the book?

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