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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 52

1. Which country host first test cricket world cup

2. World disabled day

3. The book SUMMER IN KOLKATA written by

4. First Indian women to fly a air craft

5. Golden temple of dambulla is present in

6. Polio vaccine is developed by

7. Ente jeevithasmaranakal is the autobiography of

8. Cope American foot ball 2015 winner

9. Computer chip is also know as

10. International family day

11. Viplava smaranagal is the autobiography of

12. The brightest star in the sky

13. Woman singles champion of Australian open 2016

14. Goodwill ambassador of UNICEF

15. First Muslim mayor in London

16. First gold medal winner of 35th National games

17. The national fruit of Pakistan is


19. The first bank in India got ISO Certificate

20. National news agency of Malaysia

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