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Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 36

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 36

1. Where will be held the 2016 Olympics?

[a] Melbourne
[b] Newyork
[c] Russia
[d] Brazil

2. The most populated panchayat in Kerala

[a] Thannoor
[b] Vattavada
[c] Beypore
[d] Munnar

3. After retirement a judge can under take private practice of law

[a] in the same court
[b] only in a lower court
[c] whereever he/she wishes
[d] in another court of the same level or higher court

4. You should bring your hall ticket with you to the examination hall ——— you will not be allowed to enter the hall .

[a] as a result
[b] if so
[c] otherwise
[d] however

5. What is meant by ‘pax romana’?

[a] Roman Religion
[b] Roman peace
[c] Roman law
[d] Roman Society

6. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) consists of

[a] butane and propane
[b] ethane and hexane
[c] ethane and nonane
[d] None of these

7. Which organisation discuss problems of mutual interest and exchange views on issues facing the world at large?

[b] Non-Aligned Movement
[c] WIPO
[d] IFAD

8. The first Hydrogen bomb is tested by the United states in –––––––

[a] 1954
[b] 1945
[c] 1965
[d] 1986

9. The bitter or sharp taste of unripe fruits is due to high concentrations of

[a] carotenoids
[b] starch
[c] lipids
[d] organic acids

10. Oil of winter green is

[a] Methyl salicylate
[b] Acetyl salicylate
[c] Copper sulphate
[d] Zinc sulphate

11. The new principal ————— great respect from his students.

[a] received
[b] observed
[c] acquired
[d] commanded

12. Saranjami system was an important feature of

[a] Maratha revenue system
[b] Taluqdari system
[c] Administration of the Qutub Shah’s
[d] None of these

13. Each memory cell has a unique number, assigned it is called as the ..............of the cell

[a] address
[b] register
[c] number
[d] path

14. Where will be held the FIH-Champions Trophy for Women 2012?

[a] Rosario
[b] Moreno
[c] San Jan
[d] Villa Mercedes

15. Who won the hatric in one-day cricket?

[a] Chetan Sharma
[b] Kapil Dev
[c] Rojer Binni
[d] Lala Amarnath

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