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Trick to Remember Governor General of India - Kerala PSC

Trick to Remember Governor General of India - Kerala PSC
In this post we are going to share a Trick to remembers Governor Generals of India, it is very easy just follow the steps below and I hope this will really help you in your upcoming Competitive Exams.

Memorize this Line

"1 Cold Morning Hungry Columbus Reached India Went 4 Lunch With Maharaja"

Curzon, Minto, Hardingne, Chelmsford, Reading, Irwin, Willingdon, Linlithgow, Wavell, Mountbatten

C -CurzonThe Lord Curzon of Kedleston
06/01/1899 - 18/11/1905
M -MintoThe Earl of Minto
18/11/1905 - 23/11/1910
H -HardingneThe Lord Hardinge of Penshurst
23/11/1910 - 04/04/1916
C -ChelmsfordThe Lord Chelmsford
04/041916 - 02/04/1921
R -ReadingThe Earl of Reading
02/04/1921 - 03/04/1926
I -IrwinThe Lord Irwin
03/04/1926 - 18/04/1931
W -WilingdonThe Earl of Willingdon
18/04/1931 - 18/04/1936
L -LinlithgowThe Marquess of Linlithgow
18/04/1936 - 01/10/1943
W -WavellThe Viscount Wavell
01/10/1943 - 21/02/1947
M -MountbattenThe Viscount Mountbatten of Burma
21/02/1947 - 21/06/1948
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