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Kerala PSC - Model Questions (Computer Assistant, Various Universities) - 1

Kerala PSC - Model Questions (Computer Assistant, Various Universities) - 1

1. Computer generations are mainly classified into

[a] Third
[b] Fourth
[c] Fifth
[d] Sixth

2. Microprocessor was introduced in

[a] 2nd Generation
[b] 3rd Generation
[c] 4th Generation
[d] Artificial Intelligence

3. An example of non-volatile memory

[a] RAM
[b] ROM
[c] SRAM
[d] All of the above

4. The data or instructions entered in to the memory of a computer system are called

[a] Saving
[b] Storage
[c] Output
[d] Input

5. GUI stands for

[a] Graphical User Interface
[b] Graphical Using Interface
[c] General User Interface
[d] General using Interface

6. The electronic circuits used as memory device for computer system are called

[a] Attenuator
[b] Flip-Flop
[c] Semi-conductor
[d] Registers

7. The Computer code for the interchange of information between terminals

[b] BCD
[c] ASC II
[d] All of the above

8. The language that the computer can understand and execute

[a] Bi-directional language
[b] Machine language
[c] Pneumonic codes
[d] Op-code and operand

9. An error in program generally called

[a] Compiler
[b] Debut
[c] Interpreter
[d] Bug

10. The supercomputer was invented by

[a] Ginsberg
[b] Van Tassell
[c] Babbage
[d] Fransworth

11. Graphical pictures that represent an object like file, folder etc are

[a] Icons
[b] Desktop
[c] Visual Display
[d] Cursor

12. The Integrated Circuit chips are made op

[a] Chromium
[b] Silversides
[c] Silver dioxide
[d] Silicon

13. The operating system developed by IBM is called

[a] Unix
[b] Linus
[c] OS-2
[d] OX-2

14. The process of producing useful information or results for the user, such as a printed report or visual display are called

[a] Output information
[b] Input information
[c] Generic information
[d] All of the above

15. Computers help in planning towns, designing buildings, determining a range of buildings on a site called

[a] Industrial engineering
[b] Architectural engineering
[c] Structural engineering
[d] None of the above

16. A multi-user computer system which is capable of supporting hundreds of users simultaneously are called

[a] Micro computer
[b] Mainframe computer
[c] Digital computer
[d] Mini Computer

17. Common operating systems for workstations are

[a] Windows 98
[b] Windows NT
[c] Windows 3.9
[d] Windows XT

18. The unit can store instructions data and intermediate results are called

[a] Main Unit
[b] Processing Unit
[c] Controlling Unit
[d] Memory Unit

19. Mouse is most popular device

[a] Pointing
[b] Positioning
[c] Selecting
[d] All of the above

20. Input device that is mostly used in notebook or laptop computer, instead of a mouse is called

[a] Light pen
[b] Positioning device
[c] Track ball
[d] Joystick

21. MS Office is a _____ software

[a] System
[b] Application
[c] Operating
[d] Data Processing

22. Thesaurus tool in MS Word is used for

[a] Spell check
[b] Grammar check
[c] Synonyms and Antonyms
[d] All of the above

23. Shortcut key to select the entire document.

[a] Ctrl + S
[b] Alt + S
[c] Alt + A
[d] Ctrl + A

24. Saving an existing document in a new file with a different location, the option used is

[a] Save as
[b] Save
[c] Quick Save
[d] Possible file save

25. The grammar error are highlighted by _____ color

[a] Red
[b] Green
[c] Blue
[d] Purple

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