Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions -18

1. The financial market in which short term securities are dealt in is known as - Money Market
2. Extra commission paid to consignee in bear risk of bad debt is - Delcredere Commission
3. Profit disclosed by cost sheet is - Operating profit
4. A Notary public is appointed by - Government
5. Another name for Running Audit - Concurrent Audit
6. Purchase of building debited to purchase account ___ error of - Error of Principle
7. The efficiency of Management is revealed by ___ audit - Management Audit
8. In case of the pledge the possession of the security is with - The creditor
9. The banks are controlled by a holding company is - Group banking
10. Who is the leader of Indian Money Market - RBI
11. 'Bankers lien is an implied pledge', who said this - Lord Campbell
12. ___ will be the first item of assets which are arranged in the order of liquidity - Cash in hand
13. The central organisation of the primary stores in Sweden - Co-operative Forbundent
14. Autonomy and independence is the ___ co-operative principle - 4th
15. Fixed deposit is also known as - Term deposit
16. Recruitment of staff of the DCBs are entrusted - KPSC
17. ___ assets are those which are not NPA - Standard Assets
18. Who keep Agenda book of Co-operative society - President
19. 'GRAMEEYA' is the publication of - NABARD
20. Birthplace of Agricultural Co-operation - Denmark
21. CHF in Canada is related to - Housing
22. Sales day book is used to record - Credit sales
23. The name of a co-operative society shall be changed by section - Section 10
24. Who is responsible for attesting the election results entered in the minutes' book of the society? - Returning Officer
25. Which section deals with amalgamation? - Section 14
26. The headquarters of KRIBHCO is at - Noida
27. Medical aid to co-operative employees are mentioned in rule? - 191
28. Government and Semi Govt. securities are called - Guilt edged securities
29. Credit limit statement is prepared by - PACS
30. Patronage dividend was first introduced by - Rochdale
31. Schulze type of banks are also called - Popular banks
32. Village co-operatives was founded by - Robert Owen
33. A person who endorses a bill is called - Endorser
34. The basic function of Accounting - Recording
35. Another name of sales returns book - Return inward book
36. Farmers Service Centre is established by - IFFCO
37. Section ___ of KCS Act deals with first charge of societies - 35
38. The year in which Raiffeisen was born - 1818
39. Assets acquired by a bank in satisfaction of claims are called - Non-banking assets
40. The preface or introductory statement of an Act is called - Preamble
41. Unit banking system popularly followed in - USA
42. Accommodation bill is also called - Kite bill
43. Co-operative Commonwealth was introduced by - DR Gadgil
44. Headquarters of NAFSCOB - Mumbai
45. Mines is an example of ___ - Wasting Assets
46. What is the name of the mill owned by Robert Owen - New Lamark Mill
47. The headquarters of COSTECH - Thiruvananthapuram
48. 'Violet' colour in the co-operative flag denotes - Felt need
49. Elder citizen co-operative societies are in - Japan
50. Gorham Committee report is associated with - NCUI

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