Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 103

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 103

1. Which is known as ‘bird village in Kerala’?
[a] Nooranad
[b] Pakshipathalam
[c] Thattekkad
[c] Choolannoor

2. Who called Alappuzha ‘Venice of the East’?
[a] Lord Curzon
[b] Robert Bristo
[c] Raja Kesavadas
[c] RK Shanmugham Chetty

3. Which of the following was an ancient Buddhist centre?
[a] Venkatakota
[b] Muziris
[c] Ganapativattom
[c] Srimulavasam

4.The place where Parthasarathy Temple is situated?
[a] Aranmula
[b] Ettumanoor
[c] Ochira
[d] Harippad

5. The temple known as ‘Dakshina Mookambika’:
[a] Harippad
[b] Mannarassala
[c] Panchikkad
[d] Attukal

6. Erumeli famous for religious harmony is in the district of:
[a] Idukky
[b] Kottayam
[c] Ernakulam
[d] Alappuzha

7. The remains of sister Alphonsa is kept at:
[a] Mannanam
[b] Niranam
[c] Bharananganam
[d] Edathwa

8. The only district in Kerala that has no coastline and shares border with the districts of Kerala only:
[a] Kottayam
[b] Pathanamthitta
[c] Palakkad
[d] Idukky

9. The place in Kerala where Mannathu Padmabhan started the historical ‘Savarna jatha’:
[a] Kannur
[b] Vaikom
[c] Changanassery
[c] Aluva

10. The back ground of the novel, ‘God of Small Things’ by Arundathy Roy?
[a] Kozhikode
[b] Aymanam
[c] Athiranippadam
[d] Purakkad

11. In which district is Malayatoor, a holy place for Christians?
[a] Alappuzha
[b] Kottayam
[c] Ernakulam
[d] Kannur

12. The proposed venue of Smart City Project:
[a] Kochi
[b] Thiruvananthapuram
[c] Kollam
[d] Kozhikode

13. Which temple is related to ‘Makam Thozhal’?
[a] Kodungallur
[b] Guruvayur
[c] Sabarimala
[d] Chottanikkara

14. The church where Vasco da Gama was buried at Kochi.
[a] St.Thomas Church
[b] St.Francis Church
[c] St.Andrews church
[d] St.Mary’s Church

15. The International Stadium at Kaloor in Ernakulam district is named after:
[a] Jawaharlal Nehru
[b] Indira Gandhi
[c] Rajiv Gandhi
[d] Subhas Chandra Bose

16. Aluva in Ernakulam is famous for ___ celebration.
[a] Durgshtami
[b] Sivarathri
[c] Mahanavami
[c] Athachamayam

17. The place known as the ‘Gateway to high range’:
[a] Angamali
[b] Adimali
[c] Kothamangalam
[d] Kumali

18. Which is known as ‘the lungs of Kochi’?
[a] Mangalavanam
[b] Kumbalangi
[c] Bolghatty
[d] Vypin Island

19. Where is Thekkinkad ground, which is the venue of Pooram?
[a] Kollam
[b] Kozhikode
[c] Kannur
[d] Thrissur

20. The capital of Kulasekharas was:
[a] Kalkkulam
[b] Vizhinjam
[c] Odanad
[d] Mahodayapuram

21. Kerala is ____ largest state by population.
[a] Tenth
[b] Eleventh
[c] Thirteenth
[d] Seventeenth

22. The dynasty of ___ was the first prominent kingdom based on Kerala.
[a] Chola
[b] Pandya
[c] Mughal
[d] Chera

23. Technopark, the largest Information Technology park in Asia in terms of area, is situated in _____?
[a] Palakkad
[b] Trivandrum
[c] Cochin
[d] Malappuram

24. What is Sukrutham?
[a] Free Education Program
[b] Free Cancer Treatment Program
[c] Free Housing Program
[d] Free Vaccination Program

25. Name the martial art which is regarded as the mother of all martial arts in the world?
[a] Silambam
[b] Varma Kalai
[c] Kalaripayattu
[d] Malyutham

26. What is the shortest highway in the Indian Highway Network?
[a] NH 22A
[b] NH 47A
[c] NH 13B
[d] NH 11J

27.World’s Only Teak Museum is in _____.
[a] Manjeri
[b] Trivandrum
[c] Nilambur
[d] Kozhikode

28. _______ is the first airport in India developed under a public-private partnership (PPP) model.
[a] Cochin International Airport
[b] Calicut International Airport
[c] Trivandrum International Airport
[d] None of the above

29. Kerala became the first state in the country to have STD and ISD facilities in all its villages in ____.
[a] 1993
[b] 1995
[c] 1997
[c] 1999

30. _________ is the second largest lagoon in India.
[a] Chilka Lake
[b] Kaiveli Lake
[c] Pulicat Lake
[d] Vembanad Lake

31. Which is the first talkie film in Malayalam?
[a] Vigathakumaran
[b] Marthanda Varma
[c] Balan
[d] Jivitha Nouka

32. Who is known as “Father of Tenancy Legislation in Malabar”?
[a] Tippu Sultan
[b] Lord Curzon
[c] Willium Logan
[d] Lord Rippon

33. The temple which is known as Southern Kailasa is___?
[a] Vadakkumanatha Temple
[b] Anantha Padmanabha swamy Temple
[c] Attakul Devi temple
[d] Janardanaswamy temple

34. Chavara deposit in Kerala is famous for___?
[a] Aluminium
[b] Heavy mineral sand
[c] Copper ore
[d] Iron ore

35. Manroe Island is located in which of the following lake of Kerala?
[a] Sastankotta
[b] Vembanand
[c] Ernamakkulam
[d] Astamudi

36. Nodal agency for Global Ayurveda Village project by Kerala government is __: ?
[a] AYUSH department
[b] Kinfra
[c] KII Ltd
[d] KTDA Ltd

37. Which district of Kerala has been declared as the first district in India having ‘meaningful financial inclusion’?
[a] Kannur
[b] Palakkad
[c] Kollam
[d] Ernakulam

38. Where is located Malayam Research Centre?
[a] Thiruvananthapuram
[b] Thrissur
[c] Tirur
[d] Kochi

39. Where did the first All Kerala Congress meet held?
[a] Kasaragod
[b] Thrissur
[c] Ottapalam
[d] Calicut

40. Where Kerala Forest Research Institute is located?
[a] Sivagiri
[b] Peechi
[c] Thalassery
[d] Kottayam

41. In which year “Kerala Sahitya Academy” was founded?
[a] 1956
[b] 1954
[c] 1958
[d] 1960

42. Who founded the 'Kollam Era' of Kerala?
[a] Rejasekhara Varman
[b] Sthanu Ravi Varman
[c] Aditya-I
[d] Kulasekhara Alvar

43. Which of the following is the smallest river of Kerala?
[a] Kallai
[b] Ramapuram
[c] Ayiroor
[d] Bangra Manjeswara

44. Which Industrial sector in Kerala provides maximum employment?
[a] Handloom Industry
[b] Coir Industry
[c] Beedi Industry
[d] Bamboo Industry

45. Who is the first chief minister of Kerala to complete the tenure of 5 years?
[a] A. K. Antony
[b] C. Achutha Menon
[c] V. S. Achuthanandan
[d] None of these

46. Kerala Kalamandalam gained the status of a deemed university in–
[a] 2007
[b] 2005
[c] 2001
??[d] 2009

47. In which district of Kerala Vembanand lake is situated?
[a] Alappuzha
[b] Kochi
[c] Kottayam
[d] Kollam

48. Number of National Highways in Kerala are
[a] 8
[b] 9
[c] 10
[d] 11

49. The viceroy who deduced the age of Civil service exam in India from 21 to 19
[a] Lord Canning
[b] Lord Mayo
[c] Lord Lytton
[d] Lord Rippun

50. The only viceroy got murderd in India
[a] Lord Mayo
[b] Lord Chelmsford
[c] Lord North Brook
[d] Lord Dufferin

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