Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 97

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 97

1. Raw material for the manufacture of glass
[a] sand
[b] clay
[c] mica
[d] salt

2. Which is not a pure metal?
[a] mercury
[b] gold
[c] silver
[d] bronze

3. Impure Sodium Carbonate is known as
[a] ammonia
[b] urea
[c] black ash
[d] gypsum

4. The catalyst used for the manufacture of Sulphuric acid
[a] sodium chloride
[b] vanadium pentoxide
[c] gypsum
[d] aspirin

5. Chromium Oxide imparts ___ colour to rubber products
[a] yellow
[b] white
[c] green
[d] red

6. What is known as “White  Vitriol”
[a] copper sulphate
[b] zinc sulphate
[c] ferrous sulphate
[d] zinc  phosphate

7. Chemical used for hypnotic drug manufacturing
[a] barbituric acid
[b] tartaric acid
[c] nitric acid
[d] salicylic acid

8. Which one of the following is a natural polymer
[a] PVC
[b] Cellulose
[c] Polyster
[d] Rayon

9. Who discovered Magnesium
[a] Marie Curie
[b] Priestly
[c] Carl Scheele
[d] Joseph Black

10. Octile Acetate has the smell of
[a] Orange
[b] Apple
[c] banana
[d] none of these

11. What is water glass
[a] silicon dioxide
[b] zinc sulphate
[c] sodium silicate
[d] zinc oxide

12. The best non-metallic conductor of electricity
[a] silicon
[b] germanium
[c] graphite
[d] boron

13. Constantan is an alloy of copper and ___
[a] silver
[b] iron
[c] silicon
[d] nickel

14. Hematite is the ore of
[a] barium
[b] iron
[c] aluminium
[d] copper

15. The name Hydrargyrum associated with the metal
[a] iron
[b] aluminium
[c] mercury
[d] silver

16. The most malleable metal
[a] gold
[b] silver
[c] copper
[d] platinum

17. Which is a mixture of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide
[a] Producer gas
[b] butane
[c] acetylene
[d] water gas

18. The gas that helps burning
[a] oxygen
[b] hydrogen
[c] nitrogen
[d] argon

19. Chemical name of carborundum
[a] sodium carbide
[b] silicon carbide
[c] silicon dioxide
[d] carbon

20. ___ was discovered by Hans Christian Oersted
[a] gold
[b] silver
[c] copper
[d] aluminium

21. Persons sitting in an artificial satellite of the earth have
[a] half weight
[b] 60% weight
[c] 75% weight
[d] zero weight

22. When the velocity of a moving object is doubled its
[a] Acceleration is doubled
[b] Weight is doubled
[c] Kinetic energy is doubled
[d] Kinetic energy becomes four times

23. Brilliance of diamond is due to
[a] shape
[b] cutting
[c] reflection
[d] total internal reflection

24. Which type of reaction produces most harmful radiation
[a] fusion reaction
[b] fission reaction
[c] chemical reaction
[d] photochemical reaction

25. Fathometer is used to measure
[a] speed of light
[b] speed of sound
[c] depth of water bodies
[d] depth of heavenly bodies

26. The energy possessed by the water collected in the reservoir o f a dam
[a] Kinetic energy
[b] Mechanical energy
[c] Electric energy
[d] Potential energy

27. Colour of a light is determined by its
[a] Intensity
[b] Amplitude
[c] Velocity
[d] Wavelength

28. Germanium is
[a] Conductor
[b] Insulator
[c] Semi-conductor
[d] Metal

29. During rusting
[a] iron gains weight
[b] iron loses weight
[c] the weight of iron remains unchanged
[d] iron volatilizes

30. Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of
[a] controlled fission reaction
[b] uncontrolled fission reaction
[c] controlled fusion reaction
[d] uncontrolled fusion reaction

31. What will happen to a balloon filled with hydrogen
[a] It will reach a particular height and remain floating
[b]It will burst after gaining some height
[c] It will continue going upward uninterrupted
[d] none of these

32. In a sprayer the liquid rises in the tube due to
[a] lower pressure of the upper end
[b] capillarity
[c] evaporation
[d] none of these

33. Almost all aircraft flight occurs in the ___
[a] Exosphere
[b] Troposphere and Stratosphere
[c] Ionosphere
[d] Thermosphere

34. The minimum audible frequency to human ears is ___ Hz
[a] 20
[b] 30
[c] 40
[d] 50

35. The normal atmospheric pressure is ___ cm of mercury
[a] 100
[b] 98
[c] 39
[d] 76

36. Energy is measured in
[a] Joule
[b] Watt
[c] Hertz
[d] Ampere

37. Adding Machine was invented by
[a] Marconi
[b] Babbage
[c] Pascal
[d] Toricelli

38. Robert Watson Watt invented
[a] Parachute
[b] Air Ship

39. What is the colour of light used in automobiles during snow fall
[a] Red
[b] Green
[c] Blue
[d] Yellow

40. Red+Green gives ___ colour.
[a] yellow
[b] cyan
[c] magenta
[d] violet

41. Gandhiji returned Kaizar-e-Hind to the British to protest against
[a] Chauri Chaura incident
[b] Wagon tragedy
[c] Jallianwalabagh Massacre
[d] none of these

42. Which of the following writer influenced Gandhiji
[a] Leo Tolstoy
[b] Henry David Thoreau
[c] John Ruskin
[d] all of these

43. Who founded the Indian Independence  League in Japan
[a] Subhas Chandra Bose
[b] Sarath Chandra Bose
[c] Rash Behari Bose
[d] Khudiram Bose

44. Name the leader who died after hunger strike for 63 days
[a] Jatin Das
[b] Ajith Singh
[c] Vinoba Bhave
[d] Raj Guru

45. The congress at which Gandhiji and Nehru met for the first time was that of 1916. It was held at
[a] Faizpur
[b] Kolkata
[c] Lucknow
[d] Belgaum

46. The period mentioned in the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi is from childhood to
[a] 1921
[b] 1925
[c] 1926
[d] 1927

47. Who authored ‘The Indian Struggle’
[a] Subhas Chandra Bose
[b] Ambedkar
[c] Gandhiji
[d] Patel

48. Who founded the Red Shirt Movement
[a] Muhammed Ali Jinnah
[b] Syed Ahmed Khan
[c] Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
[d] Nawab Abdul Latif

49. Who introduced Arms Act in 1878
[a] Dufferin
[b] Northbrook
[c] Mayo
[d] Lytton

50. Who organized ‘Abhinav Bharat’
[a] Surya Sen
[b] Lajpath Rai
[c] V.D.Savarkar
[d] Hedgewar

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