Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant - 83

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant - 83

  1. Who became the editor of 'Yukthivadi' magazine in 1928

  2. Who became the first president of the Travancore Devaswom Board in 1949

  3. Who called Kerala "a lunatic asylum" 

  4. 'Navamanjari' written by Sree Narayana Guru is dedicated to 

  5. 'Prachina Malayalam' was authored by

  6. "Freedom alone is nectar divine, Freedom is life itself; To a self-respecting people. Slavery is more terrible than death". Who wrote these lines

  7. Who led agitation against oozhiyavela (forced labour)

  8. The year in which Sree Narayana Guru gave the message 'One caste, one religion,one god for man' at a conference held at 'Adwaithasramam', Aluva

  9. The king of Travancore when Malayali Memorial and Ezhava Memorial was submitted 

  10. Who was the first secretary of the SNDP Yogam, formed in 1903

  11. Vaikundaswami started places of worship called as 

  12. Name the reformation leader who was known as Purushasimham 

  13. The book 'Treatment of Thiyyas in Travancore' was written by

  14. Based on which uprising Kumaranasan wrote Duravastha

  15. Who raised the concept of Dravida dalit who is neither Hindu nor Christian 

  16. The first book in Malayalam literature criticising the caste system and untouchability 

  17. Name the magazine established by Vagbhatananda

  18. The famous freedom fighter of Kerala who was the grandson of the Raja of Palakkad 

  19. The newspaper started by T.K.Madhavan in 1915 

  20. Who translated Brahma Dharma by Devendra Tagore which is known as the Bible of Brahmana Samajam into malayalam 

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