Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant - 81

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant - 81

  1. Which Maharaja of Travancore issued the Temple Entry proclamation

  2. The Historically 'Rajadhani March' conducted by

  3. Where was the Advaita Ashramam founded by Sree Narayana Guru in 1913

  4. Who is the author of the book Prabuddha Keralam

  5. The Nair Service Society was founded in

  6. Who founded the Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham in 1907

  7. Who led Kallumala Agitation in 1915

  8. Ezhava memorial was submitted to the Travancore King in the year

  9. Temple Entry Proclamation was on

  10. The leader of Vimochanasamaram 

  11. Who founded Jathi Nashini Sabha 

  12. Who started the publication 'Saragrahi' to propagate his ideals 

  13. Who led the famous Mookuthi Samaram 

  14. Vaikkom satyagraha was started in the year

  15. What was the original name of Thycaud Ayya

  16.  Name the renaissance leader connected with the historic Kozhencherry speech

  17. The poem 'Udyana Virunnu' was penned by

  18. Who led Jeeva Sikha March during liberation struggle 

  19. The magazine Sadhujana Dothan was related to

  20. Ente Jeevitha Smaranakal is the autobiography of 

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