Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 42

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 42

1. Solids which conduct electricity at higher temperature but not at lower temperature are called?
[a] Super - conductor
[b] Metalic - conductor
[c] Semi - conductor
[d] Insulator

2. Which one of the following has greatest mass?
[a] Electron
[b] Proton
[c] Neutron
[d] Hydrogen nucleus

3. The density of water is strictly valid at?
[a] 0ºc
[b] 4ºc
[c] 25ºc
[d] 100ºc

4. The process of photosynthesis involves conversion of?
[a] Chemical energy in to radiant energy
[b] Chemical energy in to mechanical energy
[c] Solar energy in to chemical energy
[d] Mechanical energy into solar energy

5. A colloidal system in which a liquid is dispersed in a liquid is called?
[a] Gel
[b] Emulsion
[c] Sol
[d] Precipitate

6. In which one of the following antibody formation takes place?
[a] RBC
[b] Blood platelets
[c] Lymphoid organ
[d] Donnan`s membrane

7. In which organ of the human body are the lymphocite formed?
[a] Liver
[b] Long bone
[c] Pancreas
[d] Spleen

8. Which one of the following is an enzyme?
[a] Glucagon
[b] Insulin
[c] Somato Tropin
[d] Trypsin

9. Which among the following produces seeds but not flowers?
[a] Cashewnut
[b] Coffee
[c] Grape
[d] Pine

10. _____ is the rate of change of velocity in unit time?
[a] Retardation
[b] Velocity
[c] Acceleration
[d] Impulse

11. Which Mirror is used for solar cooker?
[a] Convex Mirror
[b] Concave Mirror
[c] Plane Mirror
[d] Spherical Mirror

12. Who is appointed as the new Kerala High Court Chief Justice?
[a] Dipakmisra
[b] Radhakrishan
[c] Just.Antony Dominic
[d] Kurian Joseph

13. Name the world`s most powerful operational rocket which was successfully launched by U.S based space X?
[a] Moonash
[b] Falcon Heavy
[c] Cape Canaveral
[d] Atlas V

14. What is the theme of the 8th National Voter`s Day?
[a] Our Election
[b] Access the Election
[c] Elect your life
[d] Accessible Elections

15. The venue of U-19 Cricket World Cup 2018?
[a] Australia
[b] New Zealand
[c] India
[d] England

16. Who among the following got Padma Vibhushan award 2018?
[a] Ved Prakash Nanda
[b] Pankaj Advani
[c] Laxman Pai
[d] Ghulam Mustafa Khan

17. The venue of 2017 BRICS summit?
[a] Johannesburg
[b] Benaulim
[c] Xiamen
[d] New Delhi

18. In which city 15th edition of Bio Asia 2018 held?
[a] Mumbai
[b] Chennai
[c] Kanpur
[d] Hyderabad

19. Which Indian woman has won 2018 Gymnastic World Cup?
[a] Dipa Karmakar
[b] Aruna Buddha Reddy
[c] Pritam Singh
[d] Sakshi Malik

20. PET CARE CENTRE is the program for caring domestic animals started by which social organisation?
[a] Sakhi
[b] Ashraya
[c] Kudumbasree
[d] Akshaya

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