Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 47

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 47

1. How many states have Bicameral Legislature system?
[a] 9
[b] 6
[c] 5
[d] 7

2. Constitutional head of Union Territories are called
[a] Governor
[b] Chief Minister
[c] Lieutenant Governor
[d] Chief Secretary

3. According to the Government of Kerala, the reservation for women in Local Bodies is
[a] 33%
[b] 50%
[c] 25%
[d] 60%

4. The Malayali member of Ashok Mehta Committee was
[a] G. P. Pillai
[b] L. M. singhvi
[c] E. M .S. Namboothiripad
[d] G. V. K. Rao

5. In which Amendment, five subjects from the statelist shifted to the concurrent list 44th
[a] 44th
[b] 42nd
[c] 46th
[d] 69th

6. Head quarters of KILA is at?
[a] Kozhikode
[b] Kottayam
[c] Thrissur
[d] Ernakulam

7. The famous Tirunelli temple lies in the valley of?
[a] Ezhimala
[b] Brahmagiri
[c] Puralimala
[d] Malayatoor

8. Which of the follwong river was called as `Churni` in ancient times?
[a] Bharathapuzha
[b] Pampa
[c] Chaliyar
[d] Periyar

9. Edakkal caves are in?
[a] Idukki
[b] Wayanad
[c] Kottayam
[d] Malappuram

10. The largest Taluk in Kerala?
[a] Eranadu
[b] Kunnathoor
[c] Wayand
[d] Vellanad

11. The state in India which leads in the production of cashew kernels is?
[a] Karnataka
[b] Goa
[c] Tamil Nadu
[d] Kerala

12. Which of the following state has been nicknamed `Garden spices of India`?
[a] Banglore
[b] AndhraPradesh
[c] Tamil Nadu
[d] Kerala

13. Jallianwala Bagh is situated in?
[a] Delhi
[b] Mysore
[c] Amritsar
[d] Lahore

14. The Institution Lokayukta was created for the first time by the state of _____?
[a] Maharashtra
[b] Orissa
[c] Rajastan
[d] Uttar Pradesh

15. The first Home Minister of free India?
[a] Motilal Nehru
[b] Sardar Patel
[c] V.P Menon
[d] Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

16. When was operation Blue star?
[a] 1966
[b] 1984
[c] 1992
[d] 1999

17. Which city was the summer capital of India during British Rule?
[a] Ooty
[b] Simla
[c] Pachmarhi
[d] Matheran

18. Karl Marx`s book `Das Capital` was published in?
[a] 1857
[b] 1862
[c] 1867
[d] 1872

19. The headquarters of the Ghadhar Party was at ?
[a] Karachi
[b] Moscow
[c] Berlin
[d] San francisco

20. Grammy Award is given in the field of?
[a] Literature
[b] Music
[c] Science
[d] Inventions and Discoveries

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