Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 52

  1. The atoms of different elements which have the same number of neutrons but different atomic number are called

  2. Who was the exponent of the Triads law of the classification of elements?

  3. Who put forward the law of octaves?

  4. The physical & chemical properties of elements are the periodic function of their atomic masses' - This statement is associated with the periodic table of ___

  5. Who modified Mendeleev's periodic law & proposed modern periodic law?

  6. Which is the only block in Periodic Table which contains metals, non-metals & metalloids?

  7. The elements of the d-Block are called ___

  8. Which isotope of Hydrogen is called 'Heavy Hydorgen'?

  9. The reactions which involve oxidation & reduction as its two half-reactions, are called ___

  10. What is the chemical name of rust?

  11. Which chemical compound is used as catalyst in the Contact process for the production of sulphuric acid?

  12. Which chemical compund is produced through Ostwald process?

  13. Deacon process is used for the production of ___

  14. What are the examples of organic acids?

  15. What are the examples of Lewis acids?

  16. Which acid is present in spinach?

  17. What is the pH value of human blood?

  18. What is the maximum duration of totality for a solar eclipse

  19. Which device is used to examine the air flow through the nasal passage?

  20. Winkler's test is used for the determination of ___

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