Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 54

  1. Name the biological pigment which helps animal to see in low-light

  2. The transformer works on which principle

  3. What is oil of vitriol

  4. What is manufactured using Bessemer process

  5. Minamata disease is due to

  6. A person suffering from bleeding gum, needs in his food

  7. Most common alloy used in making heating elements for electric heating device is

  8. Which fossil creature is usually regarded as the connecting link between feathered dinosaurs and modern birds

  9. Phenomenon behind the formation of rainbow

  10. Most effective test to confirm HIV

  11. 'Syn gas' is the mixture of

  12. Chemical formula of Blue Vitriol is

  13. Which temperature is Absolute Zero in Celsius Scale

  14. Water soluble vitamins are

  15. The metal present in Chlorophyll is

  16. The nitrogen base which not found in DNA is

  17. The fringe pattern of CD is due to

  18. Exchange particle in Quark - Quark interaction

  19. Who discovered Neutron

  20. Special theory of Relativity was proposed in

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