Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 91

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 91
  1. Which primate is nearest to modern man?

  2. Who is considered the father of Sahatara (Sitar)?

  3. Which is the major item of export from Paradeep Port?

  4. What is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission?

  5. How much distance does the earth’s annual circuit round the sun cover?

  6. The first Buddhist Council was held in which city?

  7. Which Urdu poets was invited; to the Second and Third Round Table Conference?

  8. What is the product of the time period of a wave and its frequency?

  9. In case a President dies while in office; for how many months can the Vice-President act as President?

  10. Who was called by the British rulers as the leader of Indian unrest?

  11. Which is called ‘Herring Pond’?

  12. The focal length of a convex lens is 50 cm. what is its power?

  13. Mostly in which form was the literature of the Sangam Age written?

  14. What is the life of RBC in human blood?

  15. Coconut and mango grouped under; which kind of fruit?

  16. What was the script used in the earliest Tamil inscriptions?

  17. Exceptionally high rainfall is recorded in regions owing to which effect?

  18. Name the test applied to computers to see if they can think?

  19. What is the longest river in Italy?

  20. Under the leadership of which Guru did the Sikh become a political and military force?

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