Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 11

Kerala PSC - Junior Clerk/Secretary, Co-operative Societies - Model Question Paper 11

1. The objects of the proposed society shall be in accordance with section - Sec-4
2. RBI Act as a banker to govt as per section --- of RBI act - 20
3. Margin requirement is a method for - Credit control
4. The booklet which contains the copy of customer's A/c in the banker's ledger - pass book
5. KYC norms were made compulsory by the RBI in - April 2010
6. The Register of members in a Co-operative society is kept by section -102
7. Amount collected on account of money or property lost in negligence or mismanagement from a person by Registrar is - Surcharge
8. The lender at the last resort - RBI 
9. Central Society in Denmark which was meant for effective sales - DAAG
10. The value of assets shown in the records are in --- value - Book value
11. Legal charges in connection with purchase of land is --- expenditure - Capital Expenditure
12. Trade union organisation of Israel at national level is - HISTA DRUST
13. Head quarters of COSTECH - Thiruvananthapuram
14. ASCTI is run with the financial assistance of - NCDC
15. Cancellation of registration certificate in respect of a society which has been ordered to wound up --- deals with section - 74
16. The position statement is - Balance sheet
17. The credit balance of income and expenditure at the end of the year shows - Surplus
18. The work of classification is done in the book known as - Ledger
19. Miscellaneous journal means - Journal proper
20. --- balance will not be there in the R&D for the first year - Opening balance
21. Documents on the basis of which entries are made in the book of accounts are called - Source documents
22. --- are amounts earned by selling the products of a concern - Revenue
23. Audit report deals with rule --- of KCS Act - 64 B
24. The authority to sanction casual leave to the secretary - President
25. Increase in CRR will --- the credit creating capacity of the bank - decrease
26. --- was a member in both AIRCSC and AIRCRC - B.Venkitapaih
27. When stock is under valued, it is a --- error - Error of commission
28. Kerala Co-operative rules came into existence in - 14.7.1969
29. The North of England Co-operative wholesale agency and depot was the first name of - CWS
30. Reserves are always shows - Credit
31. Del Credere commission is normally calculated in - Total sales
32. --- Govt. took initiative to introduce co-operative movement in India - Madras Govt. 
33. The interim committee consists of - Not more than 5 members
34. DCB register which is maintained by co-operative banks denotes - Demand, collection and balance register
35. The details of step to be performed in the course of an audit is - Audit program
36. The secondary societies which function at state level is called - Apex societies
37. Vice chairman of CAPE - Minister of co-operation
38. Co-operative Republic is written by - Earnest Poisson
39. Audit certificate kept for a period of - Permanent
40. Initial share of capital of RBI  was - 5 crores
41. Milk vita is associated with - Bangladesh
42. Headquarters of SWIFT -Brussels
43. The rules and regulation of a co-op. society is formed in its - General Body
44. TVCS is first --- in India - First consumer society, in India
45. The verification of the authority and authenticity of transaction as recorded in the books and accounts - Vouching
46. Grading and standardization is a function of --- societies - Marketing
47. Salary Earners Co-operative society belong to the category of - Non-agicultural credit society 
48. An Innovative Savings and loan mechanism scheme for the poor introducers in India recently in the banking sector - Micro financing
49. First Indian Governor of RBI - C.D.Desmukh
50. Credit  cards originated in  - U.S.A

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