Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 43

  1. Ore of Barium

  2. Duralumin is an alloy of Aluminium, Magnesium, Manganese and ---

  3. 916 gold means --- carat gold

  4. Anthrasite is known as

  5. The hardest natural substance

  6. Which isotope of Carbon is used for Carbon dating

  7. The chemical name of aspirin

  8. Aqueous sodium chloride solution is known as

  9. King of Chemicals 

  10. The structure of Benzene was discovered by

  11. Who classified elements into metals and non-metals

  12. Who discovered Neon

  13. Who extracted Aluminium economically from Bauxite for the first time

  14. Ferric oxide imparts --- colour to rubber products

  15. Sodium Borate is also known as

  16. Electrolyte used in dry cell

  17. Sugar obtained from 'sugar cane'

  18. The constituent of all protein molecules

  19. Chemical property of an element is determined by

  20. Which metal contributes largest portion of the mass of the earth 

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