Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 26

  1. Cinnbar is the ore of - Mercury

  2. Alloy used for aircraft industries

  3. --- is used as a lubricant

  4. Chalk is

  5. Who discovered nucleus of atom

  6. Who discovered Polonium

  7. The second most abundant element in the crust of earth

  8. The acid present in human intestine

  9. Colour of liquid oxygen

  10. The path of elctron around the nucleus

  11. Name the atom bomb victims of Japan

  12. Pure Barium is kept in

  13. What is the ratio of Hydrogen and Oxygen in water based on number of atoms?

  14. LSD stands for

  15. --- is the main ingredient of cement

  16. Bee sting leaves an acid which causes pain and irritation. The injected acid is

  17. --- is used for the preparation of antiseptic solution

  18. Which is another name of glucose

  19. Sour taste of 'Coca Cola' is due to the presence of

  20. Extraction of Aluminium is called

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