Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 60

  1. In which year Cripp's Mission visited India

  2. Who was the Viceroy when Queen Victoria passed away

  3. The college established by the British at Ajmer was named after the Viceroy

  4. Which committee recommended for the convening of Round Table Conference

  5. Who established IndianTrade Union Federation in 1929

  6. Who helped David Hare to established Hindu College at Kolkata

  7. During which movemnt, Bal Gangadhar Tilak was given the epithet of 'Lokmanya'

  8. Name the Viceroy of India who suppressed the mutiny of Wahabis

  9. Who wrote 'Sare Jaham se Acha'

  10. Who wrote the famous Tamil patriotic song "Odivilayadu Pappa....."

  11. In which year Asiatic Society of Bengal was established

  12. Jawaharlal Nehru dedicated his book 'The Discovery of India' to

  13. To whom Jawaharlal Nehru dedicated hi autobiography

  14. Name the Viceroy who appointed Raleigh Commission

  15. During the British era, the phrase downward filtering was related to

  16. Name the Committee which was appointed by Simon Commission to survey the growth of education in British India

  17. In which year Bhagat Singh was hanged

  18. In which year Cabinet Mission visited India

  19. Who led the Jhansi regiment of Indian National Army

  20. Who unfurled the tricolour of India for the first time at Struttgart, Germany

  21. Who wrote the national song of India

  22. In which year Burma (Myanmar) was separated from India as per govt. of India Act 1935

  23. Name the independence activist from Calcutta who died in Lahore jail after a hunger strike for 63 days

  24. Name the nationalist leader and educationalist who was born on a Christmas day

  25. Name the leaders who formed Swaraj Party

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