1. Tube light is filled with? Mercury

2. Other name of “FOOL’S GOLD” is?

3. Non-stick coating in utensils is of?

4. Compounds responsible for temporary hardness of water?

5. Compounds responsible for permanent hardness of water?

6. Gases used for ripening raw fruits?

7. Main ore of Mercury is?

8. Egg shell is made up of?

9. ______ is known as Artificial Silk.

10. Water soluble Vitamins

11. Fat Soluble Vitamins

12. Common preservative in food processing industry is?

13. First organic compound synthesized in laboratory & by whom?

14. What blackens silver’s shine?

15. Substance used in Cancer treatment?

16. Cobalt is found in?

17. Iron is extracted from which ore?

18. Aluminum is extracted from which ore?

19. Copper is extracted from which ore?

20. Chemical name of ‘Washing Soda’ is?

21. Gases used in welding are _______?

22. Gases used by sea divers for breathing are ____?

23. Best sources for Vitamin D are?

24. Zinc Phosphide is used as?

25. Fuse wire is made up of ______

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