Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 35

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 35

1. The Viceroy who was later killed by a bomb planed in his boat by the Provisional IRA at Mullaghmore, County Sligo, Ireland in 1979:

2. Who founded the Hindu Maha Sabha?

3. Who was popularly called 'Bengal Tiger'?

4. Who was called 'Lok Manya'?

5. The only Keralite to become the president of Indian National Congress?

6. Who among the following is related to 'Talwar' published from Berlin?

7. Which was the head quarters of East Bengal when it was partitioned in 1905?

8. Whom Sarojini Naidu once called the 'Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity'?

9. Mountbatten stepped down from the position of Governor General of Independent India in:

10. Name the nationalist leader who was born in Mecca:

11. Pindaris were mostly of disbanded soldiers of ____ army:

12. Who was called 'Grand Old Man of South India'?

13. Who was called 'Clive's Jackal'?

14. Who suppressed the revolt of 1857 in Jhansi?

15. Who was known as 'Socrates of Maharashtra'?

16. In World War one this person was wounded in the Battle of Ypres in 1915 and lost an eye. Later he became Viceroy of India. His name is:

17. Who among the following formulated the policy of modern education in India?

18. Who authored 'Arctic Home in the Vedas'?

19. Name the leader who was known as 'Mahamana':

20. In which year Calcutta became Capital of British India?

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