Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 4

1. Which mountain range in India extends from north-east to south west, about 800 km between Delhi and Palanpur(Gujarat) and is one of the oldest fold mountains in the world?

2. Which is the highest point in Andaman & Nicobar Island

3. Which plateau sprawls over parts of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and north eastern part of Andhra?

4. Name the climatic phenomenon that cause snow fall in North India during winter season?

5. Consisting of the Garo, Khasi, Jaintia hills and the outlying Mikir and Rengma hills, which plateau has been detached from the Indian Peninsula by the Malda Gap?

6. Which soild in peninsular India is conducive for the successful cutivation of cotton, millets, maize, pulses and citrus fruits?

7. Which village near Cherrapunji has the distinction of being the wettest place in the world, receiving the highest annual rainfall?

8. Which is the only district in Kerala that shares its border with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

9. The famous Honeymoon and Breakfast islands are in ____ lake.

10. The Paithan Hydro Electric Project was completed with the help of

11. Koyna, Tungabhadra and Bhima are the major tributaries of _____ river

12. What is the term of a partially enclosed body of water along the coast where freshwater from rivers and streams meets and mixes with salt water from the ocean?

13. The International Date Line is an imaginary line on the surface of the Earth, that runs from north to South Pole and demarcates one calendar day from the next. It passes through the middle of which ocean?

14. The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological heritage site located in Raisen District of _____ state?

15. The atmospheric layer where ionization affects the transmission of radio waves is called ____

16. Which mountain hills in Tamil Nadu lie at the junction of the Eastern and Western Ghats?

17. Which is the mountain range that lies between tapthi river in the North and Kanyakumari in the south?

18. _____ is the only river that flows through Rajasthan plain and reaches the Arabian sea through the marches of Rann of Kachch?

19. _____ is the second longest river in Kerala.

20. Name the volcanic island that belongs to the Andaman group of Island?

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