Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 59

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 59

1. Which acid is usually stored in plastic containers due its high reactivity toward glass?

2. Which element forms the largest number of solid allotropes?

3. Which element is industrially produced through the Claus Process?

4. Which internal organ's different parts are duodenum, jejunum & ileum?

5. Which artist's famous painting is 'Three Musicians'?

6. Which famous Carnatic musician's original name was Srinivasa Nayaka?

7. Who was the first woman Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

8. Which is the largest international law firm in the world?

9. Which Gulf city has the nickname of 'The Bride of the Red Sea’?

10. Which Saudi Arabian bank is the world's largest Islamic bank by capital?

11. What was the code name of the United State Customs Service's surveillance & interdiction of terrorist financing sources in the wake of the 2001 September 11 attacks?

12. Which Indian was the Chief Economist of the World Bank?

13. Which eminent personality's autobiography is 'Banker to the Poor Micro-Lending & the Battle Against World Poverty?

14. Which Indian leader is credited with the establishment of All-India Services?

15. What is known as 'the Magic Metal of Life'?

16. Which American activist was called as 'the First Lady of the World'?

17. Which document is described as 'the International Magna Carta of all Men Everywhere'?

18. Who was the first Indian to win the prestigious Human Rights Prize of the United Nations?

19. Where is the headquarters of the human rights organization 'Human Rights First'?

20. Which countries are seperated by the Diomede Islands?

21. Which Indian state's civilian honour is the 'Rajyotsava Prashasti’?

22. Which Indian city was established by Kempe Gowda in 1537?

23. Which is the highest honour in the performing arts conferred by the Government of India?

24. Who is regarded as 'the Henri Langlois of India because of his lifelong dedication towards the preservation of films?

25. Which science journal has constituted the famous 'Breakthrough of the Year' award?

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