Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 42

1. What famous islands west of Ecuador were extensively studied by Charles Darwin

2. In which continent did the monkey-puzzle tree originated

3. Which three coniferous trees are native to Britain

4. Which tree do we get turpentine from

5. Which trees leaves are the symbol of The National Trust

6. What colour rose did the Lancastrians adopt in the Wars of the Roses

7. What colour is the flower speedwell

8. Which cartoon cat was the first to make the crossing from screen to comic strip

9. What is the name of the world’s largest reef system

10. What is a female donkey called

11. What is the national bird of New Zealand

12. What is a young penguin called

13. What is the other name for a cavy

14. Which cat has no tail

15. Which breed of dog is the favourite of the queen

16. Chapchar Kut is celebrated in

17. Which festival is celebrated in Odisha

18. Poush Mela is celebrated in which state

19. _____ festival is celebrated in Gujarat

20. Sammakka Sarakka Jatara celebrated in

21. Janopunya, Chippla is a famous festival celebrated in which state

22. _____ is a famous festival in Tripura

23. Ambubachi Mela is celebrated in

24. Gangaur is a famous festival celebrated in which state

25. _____ is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh

26. Gowri Habba festival is celebrated in which state

27. Chhath puja is celebrated in

28. _____ festival is celebrated in Jharkhand

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