Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 55

1. The first European to sail round Cape of Good Hope

2. A passage to India book written by

3. "A thing of beauty is a joy fot ever " who said this

4. Democratic Republic of Congo was formerly known as

5. The strait separates Cuba and America

6. Velvet Revolution held in

7. A Passage to China book written by

8. The most common compound of chlorine

9. The third Indian to become a judge in International Court of Justice

10. Which one shipbreaking yard in india known as Graveyard of ships

11. The capital of Lichchavis

12. The first private port in India

13. The word 'India' was used for the first time by

14. The capital of Pakistan immediately after independence was

15. Dudhsagar water fall situated in which river

16. The biggest library in the World

17. Wolf prize is given by which country

18. The first industrialist to get Bharat Reyna

19. Which is known as the Heart of Africa

20. The real name of Pele

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