Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant - 72

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 72

1. Who was the Diwan of Travancore at the time of the Punnapra Vayalar upheaval?

2. Who is known as 'Vayalar Stalin'?

3. Who was considered the profounder of Temple Entry movement in Kerala?

4. Who was the first secretary of KPCC

5. Al-Islam, The muslim and Deepika were published by ______

6. Who gave the name Pulaya Raja for Ayyankali?

7. Kundara Proclamation was made in the year?

8. Rajyasamacharam is the first newspaper in Malayalam, its publication was started in ____

9. The place where Narayana Guru is believed to have attained a State of Enlightenment:

10. Who called Kumaranasan "Viplavathinte Sukranakshatram"?

11. Which leader was considered and respected by all as 'Grand old man' of Kerala

12. The place where Ayyankali started a school for the depressed class n 1904?

13. Who was honoured by the Maharaja of Cochin with the title "Kavithilakan"

14. Who was considered as the first Martyr of Kerala Renaissance Movement?

15. The first organized revolt against the British authority in Kerala was Attingal Revolt. It was in

16. Who patronized 'Sudharma Sooryodaya Sabha' at Thevara?

17. Which was the organization formed for the welfare of Paraya Community in Travancore?

18. 'Wagon Tragedy' is related to which movement of Kerala?

19. Which is known as the 'Magna Carta of Kerala'?

20. The only Keralite whose birthday and death anniversary are declared holiday by the Government of Kerala

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