Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 26

1. Register is a _________.

[1] Set of capacitors used to register input instructions in a digital computer
[2] Set of paper tapes and cards put in a file
[3] Temporary storage unit within the CPU having dedicated or general purpose use
[4] part of the auxiliary memory
[5] device to convert current signal into voltage signal

2. Errors in computer results could be due to _________.

[1] encoding of data
[2] transmission of data
[3] manipulation of data
[4] all of the above
[5] none of above

3. Terminal is a __________.

[1] device used to give supply to a computer
[2] Point at which data may leave or enter the computer
[3] ending point in a program
[4] point where wires are interconnected
[5] an input/output device

4. A computer programmer ____________.

[1] enters data into computer
[2] writes programs
[3] changes flow chart into instructions
[4] provides solutions to complex problems
[5] does total planning and thinking for a computer

5. Pickup wrong definition?

[1] Off line - is a system peripheral equipment not controlled by CPU
[2] Online - is system in which peripheral equipment is in direct contact with CPU
[3] Peripherals - are hardware under the control of CPU, like punched card readers, tapes, drums, disk, output devices
[4] PL/I is the acronym Peripheral Listing /Index
[5] Program or routine is a set sequence of instructions given to computer for problem solving

6. When a CD (Compact Disc used in audio and video system) is seen in sunlight, rainbow like colours are seen. This can be explained on the basis of phenomenon of ________.

[1] Reflection and diffraction
[2] Reflection and transmission
[3] Diffraction and transmission
[4] Refraction, diffraction and transmission
[5] None of these

7. For reproducing sound, a CD (Compact Disc) audio player uses a _____.

[1] quartz crystal
[2] titanium needle
[3] laser beam
[4] barium titanium ceramic
[5] none of these

8. The memory of a computer is commonly expressed in terms of Kilobytes or Megabytes. A byte is made up of ______.

[1] eight decimal digits
[2] eight binary digits
[3] two binary digits
[4] two decimal digits
[5] none of these

9. Which of the following circuit is used as a 'Memory device' in computers?

[1] Rectifier
[2] Flip-Flop
[3] Comparator
[4] Attenuator
[5] None of these

10. Which is/are the main provisions of Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000?

[1] Legal recognition to digital signatures and documents.
[2] Finalization of contracts through electronic media.
[3] Making hacking with computer system an office.
[4] All of the above
[5] None of these

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