Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 02 Apr 2016

Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 02 Apr 2016

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 02nd April 2016, Current affairs and GK questions on National and International are listed in the Quiz. Candidates those who are preparing for Government Jobs and IBPS/SBI/RRB exams and all other exams can use these questions. 

1. The World Autism Awareness Day 2016 was celebrated across the world on 2 April 2016. The theme for the year 2016 is

[a] Inclusion and Neurodiversity.
[b] Respect, Acceptance, Inclusion
[c] Stop discrimination
[d] Work, together we can
[e] More common than you think

2. Which Municipal Corporation has tied up with the Airports Authority of India to introduce an automated waste collection system in the city?

[a] Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
[b] Bengaluru Municipal Corporation
[c] Varanasi Municipal Corporation
[d] Gujarat Municipal Corporation
[e] None of the above

3. Union Finance Ministry extended the safeguard duty on ____ imports until March 2018.

[a] Lead
[b] Iron
[c] Petrol
[d] Steel
[e] Silver

4. The Lucknow Metro will get a loan of €450 million (around 3,500 cror[e] from which bank for its Phase-1A project?

[a] European Investment Bank
[b] Asian Development
[c] World Bank
[d] Bank of International Settlements
[e] None of the above

5. India have signed an MOU to supply 150 boats and fishing equipment to the fishermen of Mullaitivu with which among the following countries?

[a] Philippines
[b] Malaysia
[c] Sri Lanka
[d] USA
[e] UAE

6. Which country recently has officially announced that it is blocking Facebook, YouTube, Twitter?

[a] South Korea
[b] North Korea
[c] Germany
[d] Mongolia
[e] Albania

7. Congress senior MLA J Geeta Reddy was appointed as the Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PA[C] of which state?

[a] Andhra Pradesh
[b] Telangana
[c] Tamil Nadu
[d] Mizoram
[e] Nagaland

8. Flipkart acquired which among the following mobile payment start-up for an undisclosed amount?

[a] Kyash
[b] Zwitch Payments
[c] YPayCash
[d] iKaaz Payments
[e] PhonePe

9. Researchers have recently discovered a white dwarf planet, with an atmosphere almost completely made up of pure oxygen. The nickname given to the planet is

[a] Wax
[b] Max
[c] Rax
[d] Dax
[e] Dolphin

10. All – rounder Grant Elliott has announced his retirement from one-day international cricket. He belongs to which country?

[a] South Africa
[b] Australia
[c] New Zealand
[d] Zimbabwe
[e] England

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