Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers, Expected Question for PSC Exams, Repeated Questions, Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 30
1. When was Govt. of Kerala Started Akshaya' e-literacy programme?

2. The pilot implementation of 'Akshaya' project was in which district?

3. India's first 100% computer literate district is

4. Who coordinates Kerala government's Akshaya project?

5. Which country has most number of Internet users?

6. What is the position of India in terms of number of internet users?

7. Govt. of India intends to create 18 lakh job opportunities through its which initiative?

8. 'Power to empower' is the tag line of Govt. of India's which initiative

9. Who is the head of Digital India monitoring Committee?

10. Advisory group of Digital India programme is chaired by

11. ____ takes program level policy decisions in Digital India

12. ____ initiative under Digital India helps citizens to digitally store their important documents

13. _____ is the website launched on 1.07.2015 to keep the record of the attendance of govt. employees on real time basis

14. National e-Governance plan was launched in the year

15. National e-Governance plan 2.0 is known as

16. Which Digital India initiative was launched by National Handloom Development Corporation?

17. Name the IIT-JEE topper nominated as brand ambassador of Digital India?

18. Under which initiative the website of Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has been launched on 06.07.2015?

19. Which company will help India set up base for free Wi-Fi at 500 Railway stations as part of Digital India Initiative?

20. Which company announced setting up of 'Jio Digital India start-up fund' to encourage young entrepreneurs as part of Digital India initiative?

21. Name the portal under Communication & IT Ministry which disseminates e transaction statistics of e governance projects

22. 'Digital empowerment of citizens' is the vision of ____ initiative

23. ____ framework will allow citizens to digitally sign a document online using Aadhaar authentication under Digital India initiative.

24. DeiTY has undertaken an initiative namely ___ for large scale digitization of records in the country that would facilitate efficient delivery of services to citizens

25. Diometric based digital life certificate initiative for Pensioners is called___

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