Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 03

Kerala PSC - Facts about Renaissance of Kerala - 03

1. Which ruler's court was decorated by Sankaranarayana?

2. Name the author of the ancient book Mahabhasya, in which Kerala is mentioned?

3. Who was the first known Chera King of the Mahodayapuram?

4. In which year Kollam Era Began?

5. First Mamankam was celebrated in the year

6. Which king is considered to have established the Kollam Era?

7. Who issued Tharisappalli copper plates to the Syrian Christians?

8. Sankaranarayaniyam is a treatise based on

9. Who was the author of Sankaranarayaniyam?

10. Which Rock Edict of Asoka mentions Kerala?

11. In which year did the Jews arrive in Kerala?

12. Which ancient study centre of Kerala was called 'Dakshina Nalanda'?

13. Athulan was the court poet of which Mushaka King?

14. Which 14th century work discusses Manipravalam?

15. Who was the famous female poet of Sangam period?

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