Kerala PSC - Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016 - 10
Kerala Public Service Commission Recruitment of Beat Forest Officer vacancies in 2016 under Forest Department. for Male/Female candidates who are waiting for Forest Officer latest recruitment in Kerala PSC (KPSC). Expected Questions for Beat Forest Officer 2016.

1. Which Indian ruler was the first in the history to advocate conservation measures for wildlife?

2. In which year the British passed the Wild Bird Protection Act?

3. The british rulersd passed the Wild Birds and Animals Protection Act in the year?

4. In which list of the Constitution is ‘Forests’ included?

5. Protection of wild animals and birds & Prevention of cruelty to animals are subjects belonging to ______ List of the Constitution.

6. In which year was the Indian Forest Act was passed?

7. The Environment (Conservation) Act came into being in the year?

8. The Environment (Protection) Act was enacted in which year?

9. In which year was the annual tree planting festival of ‘Van Mahothsav’ initiated?

10. Name the Union Minister for Agriculture who was behind the launching of ‘Van Mahothsav’?

11. In which month of every year is the Van Mahothsav observed?

12. Which Act was passed by the Indian Parliament with objective of effectively controlling poaching and illegal trade in wildlife and its derivatives?

13. In which year was the Wildlife Protection Act enacted?

14. Who has the power to declare an area as Sanctuary as per the Wildlife Protection Act?

15. Who is the authority to grant any person a permit to enter in a Sanctuary?