Kerala PSC - Agricultural Officer Solved Paper Held on 03 Mar 2016

Kerala PSC - Agricultural Officer Solved Paper Held on 03 Mar 2016

1. Most important disease of solanaceous crops in Kerala
Answer - Bacterial Wilt

2. Preethi is a popular variety of
Answer - Bitter Gourd

3. Yellow fleshed seedless watermelon developed from Kerala Agricultural University
Answer - Swarna

4. Dioecious cucurbit crop
Answer - Coccinia

5. Richest source of Vitamin A
Answer - Drumstick leaves

6. Days taken for the germination of chilli seed
Answer - 8 days

7. Common pragagule for gladiolus
Answer - Corn

8. Most ideal jasmine species suitable for cultivation in Kerala
Answer - J. Sambac

9. Monopodial orchid commonly grown in Kerala
Answer - Vanda

10. Thornless rose rootstock developed from IIHR, Bangalore
Answer - Nishkant

11. Common propagation technique adopted for mango
Answer - Stone grafting

12. Best planting material for banana
Answer - Sword Sucker

13. Fruit crop with maximum share of production
Answer - Banana

14. Rootstock inducing dwarfness in citrus
Answer - Trifoliate orange

15. Popular white coloured seedless grape
Answer - Thompson seedless

16. Popular tender coconut variety
Answer - Chavakkad Orange Dwarf

17. In triangular system of planting with a spacing of 7.6 m, number of coconut palms accommodated in one hectare
Answer - 198

18. Leading coffee eporting country in the world
Answer - Brazil

19. King of spice
Answer - Black pepper

20. Leading turmeric producing state in India
Answer - Andhra Pradesh

21. National Seed Corporation (NSC) was established during the year
Answer - 1963

22. Breeder seeds are produced from
Answer - Nucleus seeds

23. Genetic purity of a seed means
Answer - Absence of other variety seeds

24. Maimum amount of weed seed permitted in rice seed for getting certified
Answer - 20 seeds/kg

25. Isolation distance for seed production in sorghum
Answer - 200 m

26. Unique feature of PPVFR Act (2001) not provided in UPOV Act (1991)
Answer - Registration of extant variety

27. Under UPOV 1991 Act, the criteria that a plant variety need not satisfy for production
Answer - Suitability

28. The first product in India to bag Geographical Indication
Answer - Darjeeling tea

29. In India Bio Diversity Act was enacted during the year
Answer - 2002

30. Trade Related Intellectual Property Right (TRIPs) agreement forms a part of which round of GATT
Answer - Uruguay

31. Type of selection done from a germplasm collection for the individuals with extreme phenotype of a trait
Answer - Directional selection

32. When velocity of fast neutron mutagen is reduced by hard water then it is termed as
Answer - Thermal neutron

33. 'D' genome of Tricticum aestivum is derived from which species
Answer - Aegilops tauschii

34. Yellow coloured seedless watermelon released from Kerala Agriculatural University
Answer - Swarna

35. If amle sterility of a line in hybrid seed production is maintained by altering the temperature it is known as
Answer - Two line breeding

36. Hybrid rice
Answer - CORH1

37. Average husked nut size required while selecting mother palm in coconut
Answer - 570g

38. World's first GMS based hybrid in pigeon pea
Answer - UCPH8

39. Sesamum variety released for summer rice fallow in sandy tract
Answer - Thilak

40. Multiple hybrid of tapioca
Answer - Sree Sahya

41. A BPH tolerant variety of rice
Answer - Uma

42. The pest that affects export quality of mango fruits
Answer - Nut weevil

43. Scientific anme of coconut eriophyid mite
Answer - Aceria guereronis

44. Katte disease of cardamom is caused by
Answer - Virus

45. A bio control agent used for the management of quick wilt of pepper
Answer - Trichoderma viride

46. Which of the following is a systemic fungicide?
Answer - Carbendazim

47. The trade name of copper oychloride is
Answer - Fytolan

48. Which of the new generation insecticide belongs to neonicotinoid group ?
Answer - Acetamiprid

49. The casual organism of panama wilt in banana
Answer - Fusarium oysporum

50. Drying of leaves back from the tip, curling and undulated yellowish necrosis in rice is the symptom of
Answer - Bacterial left blight

51. Vector of Yellow vein mosaic disease in bhindi
Answer - White flies

52. The fungal bio agent used for the management of coconut rhinoceros beetle
Answer - Metarhizium anisopliae

53. Yellow sticky trap is used for the management of
Answer - Aphids and white flies

54. Common predators of aphid cononies
Answer - Coccinelid beetles

55. The pest that can be controlled using Bt brinjal
Answer - Brinjal fruit and shoot borer

56. Scientific name of bittle bee is
Answer - Apis Florea

57. A viral disease that affects sericuture is
Answer - Grasserie

58. The insect vector of engue fever is
Answer - Acedes aegypti

59. Carbofuran 3G is now temporarily substituted by
Answer - Carbosulfan 6

60. The recent ban of red labeled insecticides was imposed in Kerala in
Answer - 2011

61. MO-21 the non-lodging photoinsensitive semi-tall variety suitable for Kuttanad is known as
Answer - Prathyasha

62. Nitrogen content of oil seeds is calculated by dividing the protein content by the factor
Answer - 5.85

63. The protein content of soyabean is
Answer  - 40-43%

64. The anti-nutritional factor present in the oil of rapeseed and mustard is
Answer - Erucic acid

65. The total land area required under sole cropping to give the same yields obtained in the intercropping mixture is called
Answer - land equivalent ratio

66. The bacteria used for incorporating genes in the production of golden rice is
Answer - Erwinia uredovora

67. The Indian Institute of Pulses Research is located at
Answer - Kanpur

68. The gross area under rice in Kerala
Answer - 1.98 Lakh ha.

69. The domesticated species of sugarcane is
Answer - Saccharum officinarum

70. Hybrid Napier is a hybrid of
Answer - Bajra Napier

71. The Central Research Institute for Dry land Agriculture is located at
Answer - Hyderabad

72. The process of movement of free water from the surface into the soil is called
Answer - Infiltration

73. The surface irrigation method used for irrigating most of the rice in the world is
Answer - Check basin method

74. ____ is a selective herbicide used for controlling grasses, especially Echinochloa in rice.
Answer - Cyhalofop butyl

75. The Calcium Carbonate Equivalency (CCE) of ____ is 100.
Answer - Calcite

76. Cattle which feed on ____ deficient fodder crops may develop grass tetany
Answer - Magnesium

77. The organism used for composting coir pith is
Answer - Pleurotus

78. Chlorimuron ethyl + Metsulfuron methyl is a herbicide used in areas where ____ weed is a problem
Answer - Marselia

79. Decrease in water potential caused by the adsorption of water to soil surface is called
Answer - Matric potential

80. The first reported occurrence of herbicide resistance in India was that of the weed ____ in wheat to Isoproturon.
Answer - Phalaris minor

81. Who was the power to dissolve the Lok Sabha?
Answer - President

82. The writer who won the Kendra Sahitya Academy award 2014?
Answer - Subhash Chandran

83. Who is the author of the book 'Voice from Chernobill'?
Answer - Swetlana Alaxeevich

84. The Jnana Pita Award was given for the first time in
Answer - 1965

85. Who was the editor of the Journal 'Mitavadi'?
Answer - C. Krishnan

86. The British Governor who issued orders permitting Channar women to weal Jacket and Pinafore - Lord Haris

87. Who was the founder of 'Atma Vidya Sangam'?
Answer - Vagbhadananda

88. The Temple Entry Proclamation in Kochi was issued in the year
Answer - 1948

89. The present number of Block Panchayaths in Kerala
Answer - 152

90. Which is the 11nd Railway line in Kerala? - Tirur
Answer - Kuttippuram

91. The science deals with the study about snakes is known as
Answer - Ophelology

92. Which is the largest taluk in Kerala ?
Answer - Eranad

93. Which among the following metals is known as 'Quick Silver'
Answer - Mercury

94. Which day is celebrated as International non-violence day by the UNO
Answer - October 2

95. The head quarters of National Intelligence Agency in Kerala
Answer - Kochi

96. The first Indian state to get Nirmal Gram Award
Answer - Sikkim

97. Which state has the largest coast line in India
Answer - Gujarat

98. National emergency can be declared by the president only
Answer - On ground of internal disturbance

99. The idea of constitution of India was first of all given by
Answer - MN Roy

100. Who was the first elected vice president of India?
Answer - Dr. Zakkir Hussain
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