Kerala PSC Current Affairs Question and Answers - 2

Kerala PSC - Current Affairs Question and Answers 2

1. Which movie has been selected as India's official entry to Oscars?

2. Name the former cricketer who has been appointed president of the Cricket Association of Bengal?

3. Name India's first space observatory, which was successfully launched recently?

4. Name the recently held joint military exercise between India and Sri Lanka?

5. Matthias Mueller was appointed the new CEO of which automobile company?

6. World Tourism Day was observed on

7. Which multinational company will be providing Wi-Fi in 500 Indian railway stations?

8. India will host the G-20 summit in which year?

9. Which Indian won this year's World Billiards Championship?

10. Which Canadian mathematician was selected for the 2015 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize?

11. Name the Kolkata class guided missile destroyer commissioned recently?

12. The Reserve Bank of India has lowered the repo rate to how much percent?

13. Which Indian Space mission's anniversary was celebrated on 24 September?

14. Name the member countries of the G-4, comprising of nations which support each other's bid for permanent seat on the UN Security Council?

15. World Heart Day was observed on

16. Which Indian Film, directed by Pan Nalin, was the first runner-up for the People's Choice Awards at the Toronto International Film Festival?

17. International Translation Day was observed on

18. Stwat Jagwani, Kranti Tiwari, Ankit Fadia and Pranav Mistry were appointed brand ambassadors of which initiative by the government of India?

19. Which Indian magician was conferred Merlin Award, an international honour in the field of magic, by the International Magician's Association?

20. Name the new policy launched by the central government to help the environment by planting trees along all the highways in the country?

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