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Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 02

Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 02

Fill in using the correct preposition:
1. I can write a book _____ grammar.
[a] on
[b] in
[c] about
[d] of

2. Monkeys live _____ trees.
[a] on
[b] in
[c] upon
[d] by

3. It is natural ____ man to make mistakes.
[a] that
[b] about
[c] in
[d] for

Identify the conjunction in the following sentence:
4. I ran fast but missed the train.
[a] but
[b] ran
[c] fast
[d] the

5. Pick out the incorrect sentence:
[a] We are cousins
[b] He brought some luggage
[c] He is waiting here for three hours
[d] I know all that he said

6. Pick out the correctly spelt word:
[a] Fourty
[b] Seperate
[c] Secretary
[d] Curriculam

7. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word:
[a] Excellant
[b] President
[c] Recommend
[d] Comment

8. Complete the sentence:
You would look better, if
[a] you would look better, if
[b] you cut your hair
[c] you have cut your hair
[d] you will cut your hair

9. Pick out the correct sentence:
[a] I prefer coffee than tea
[b] Politics have divided the country
[c] Sun rises in east
[d] He goes to bed at ten in the night

10. Complete the following sentence choosing the correct word:
I prefer coffee _____ tea.
[a] than
[b] to
[c] and
[d] for

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