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Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 20

Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 20

Q. 1. An email address typically consists of user id followed by____ and the domain name.

[1] @
[2] #
[3] &
[4] ∗
[5] .

Q. 2. Which feature is used for monitoring all document changes?

[1] Edit Document
[2] Monitor Change
[3] Track Change
[4] Track all
[5] Track

Q. 3. Which of the following line spacing is invalid?

[1] Single
[2] Double
[3] Triple
[4] Multiple
[5] None of these

Q. 4. Which of the following is correct regarding Underline in MS-Word?

[1] Color of Underline can be change
[2] Style of Underline can be change
[3] Underline can be set using by shortcut key
[4] All of the above
[5] None of these

Q. 5. What is the name of the feature that will allow you to take a step backward if you've made a mistake?

[1] Redo
[2] Cancel
[3] Undo
[4] Backspace
[5] Ctrl + x

Q. 6. To read through a document you may ________.

[1] Use the arrow key
[2] Dragging the scroll box on the scroll bar
[3] Use your ENTER key to go down line by line
[4] Only 1 & 2
[5] None of these

Q.7. Which of the following can you change using the page setup dialog box?

[1] margins
[2] page orientation
[3] vertical alignment
[4] all of the above
[5] None of these

Q.8. Ctrl + U is used to _____.

[1] Undelete the previously deleted text
[2] Undo the last changes
[3] Underline the document name
[4] Underline the selected text
[5] Redo the last action

Q. 9. Which of the following is a function of UPS?

1) It limits damage caused by fluctuating levels of electricity
2) It provides battery backup for limited time
3) It delivers electronic messages via a bus
4) It conducts a power-on self-test or POST
5) None of these

Q. 10. YouTube, which provides a service of streaming videos online is provided by ____.

[1] Google
[2] Microsoft
[3] IBM
[4] Apple
[5] Sony

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